WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Nicotine serves to be the best stress buster for many people, even though it is definitely not healthy. And if you can find a better alternative to smoking, wouldn’t it be interesting? That’s how vaping comes into the picture. The simple heating of nicotine with flavors that you like…vaping is that simple. But it can get way more complicated without the right pens, pods or tanks to do the task. Vapor Maven will give you the authentic equipment that you need!


Vapor Maven For The Win!

Vapor Maven is known for the wide array of choices it gives to the vaping lovers. You have different equipment ranging from disposable pens to glass hardware, that will make your vaping experience all the more worth-while.

The knowledgeable and highly friendly staff will take you through all the smoke supplies that they’ve got and their input will help you grab the right equipment for vaping. They even have an online website to place your orders, just in case you don’t feel like stepping out.


Products They Offer

Here are some of the best vaping equipments that you will find with Vapor Maven,


Disposable Vapes

The disposable vapes here are designed to serve different purposes. We will tell you all about what you can find on the doorstep of Vapor Maven.

vapor maven Disposable Vapes


Posh-Plus Disposable Pods - Posh is a well known brand for disposable pads and the ones that vapor Maven seels have an e-liquid capacity of 1.8ml.They are strong and durable till you use them and are available in flavors like Blueberry, cotton candy, pineapple, banana smoothie, lemonade and frozen grape among others. It has a 280 mAh battery and you get guaranteed 200 puffs!

vapor maven Posh-Plus Disposable Pods


Puff Bar Disposable Pods - The best thing about these pod is their light-weight, handy build and the utter convenience with which you can take them from one place to another. Slip them into the purse an forget about it, until the next time you want an inhale! WIth the 30 mAh battery, 1.8 ml capacity, it becomes way easy for the pod to offer 400 puffs for sure.


Breeze Plus


Breeze plus disposable vape - Some people don’t like it when the flavour of nicotine fades as you keep puffing. But with breeze plus, that is not a problem at all. It has a capacity of 3.5 ml and a huge battery of 650 mAh. You will get about 800 puffs and the flavor of the nicotine or the additants doesn’t fade.



 vapor maven e-juice

Along with disposable vapes, Vapour maven also sells some of the best e-juices. You have different flavours, nicotine content, vaping strength and durability to choose from. Here’s what they have got.


E-juices Fresh farm - Strawberry farm cake? Who doesn’t love that?! Phew! Thank God we’ve got hat with Vapor Maven! Along with Barnyard Berry, the fresh farm collection is a popular choice in Vapour Maven.


Element Vape - The company has always believed in producing the durable options and that is why vapour maven hosts them. The flavours are exotic and you will find lemonde, apple acai, pomegranate, watermelon, berries, kiwi and more!

You will find that there are other options of e-jusices available too - both on the website and the nearest vapor maven store. You will find Bad drop, pop clouds, reds and more.


Starter Kits

vapor maven starter kits

Starter kits are your means to begin the journey of vaping and if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, they’ll make a huge difference. And that is why Vapour Maven chooses only the best brands and only associates with brands that offer the best products that are durable and worth it. Whenever you walk into a vapur Maven store and get to the starter kits section, you’ll find the best ones like - Vaporesso Mods and starter kits, Geekvape starter kits, Aeges starter kits alog with mods and several other good brands.



vapor maven cartridges

Without cartridges, it is hard to imagine vaping in the right way. When you don’t do it systematically, it is unsafe and not fun at all. Cartridges are your tools to better vaping and Vapour Maven has the best collection of cartridges. Here’s what you will find in the vaporizer department -

 CBD And Kratom - The brand has associated with vapour Maven for a long time because of the immense popularity that the store has with buyers. You will find flavours like - Honey, Mint, Lollipop, Water, CBD Gumies, Kush Puffs, Daily dose, Red dragon, White Thai, Hello Vietnam, Gold Bali and more.

CBD Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges - These people have been in the business of making cartridges for a long time. What started off as a way to provide entertainment to nicotine lovers has slowly transformed to a much bigger purpose. They make cartridges with medical significance. In the vapour haven store, you will find - Fire OG, Northern Lights, Sour diesel, Agent Orange and other flavours.

Discount Coupons

The discounts that vapour Maven offers are so generous and reasonable! They know when to give out the coupons, the right season and the weekends! The vaping lovers will definitely appreciate these efforts and that is why you must be heading to the nearest vapour maven store as soon as possible.


Some of them are:

ALEX0041 - 15$ discount


RAYYAN0002 - 15$ off on the rides.


Going to vapour maven for the first time? They have you covered.

MADELEINE0051: $20 off on first ride.



Sale and Delivery

 The sales recorded on the online website will be delivered to the address. The products are neatly packed and you can complete the delivery payment and shipping costs on arrival. I usually takes 2-4 days for delivering the order depending on the location.


Vapour Maven Stores Near Me

Google always helps! There are several branches of Vapour Maven that are wide-spread in the states. They love to stay closer to their buyers. You can find your nearest store from this map and make purchases as soon as possible!



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