Highlights of InterTabac 2023: Global Vape Alliance annouced and more

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Overview of the InterTabac:

The InterTabac trade show was successfully held in Messe, Dortmund during 14-16th, September, with 13,500 trade visitors in attendance, and over 150 exhibitors focused on vaping products. This gathering stood as the premier event in the German tobacco industry, capturing the attention of not only domestic audiences but also drawing attendees from across Europe, the Middle East, and even as far as Africa. It truly served as a global hub for the latest developments in the tobacco industry.

Global Vape Alliance Announced at InterTabac:

On 13 September, a new Global Vape Alliance(GVA) was announcedat the InterTabac Trade Fair in Dortmund, Germany, alongside a declarationto foster collaboration, promote responsible practices, and champion the cause of harm reduction in the vaping industry.

The Global Vape Alliance brings together major international vaping bodies including the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), the U.S. Vapor Technology Association (VTA), the U.K. Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), and the Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA).

This first-ever Global Vape Alliance Get Together on 13 September which also attended by key companies and representatives from manufacturing, wholesaling, and industry associations.

Global Vape Alliance

Global Vape Alliance Announced

NGP Speed Fire Presentation at InterTabac 2023

On the first day of the exhibition, there was an NGP Speed Fire Presentation held by InterTabac and InterSupply together with DTZ, Tobacco Journal International, and Smokers Club, the theme was about “development of reduced-risk products, which aim to provide less harmful alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking”.

NGP Speed Fire Presentation at InterTabac 2023

Famous vape companies from all over the world like ALD Group, KIWI, FLONQ, AQUIOS, and ANDS GlOBE UK were invited to give speeches to introduce their newest technology innovations and new products at 14:00 hrs on Thursday 14 September.

Our company ALD Group was very honored to be invited by the organizer and be the first participant to introduce our new vaping technology, FRESOR and our newest pod system vape, FRESOR Slim, showing the big progress we have made to the vape industry and new solutions for TPD compliant vape device.

Tendency of Vape Products Under TPD regulation:

While exploring the exhibition halls, we noticed that most manufacturers were showcasing their latest vape products. These included closed pod systems with rechargeable batteries, disposable vapes or pod systems with a 2mL capacity and the ability to deliver 600 puffs, and various designs featuring child-resistant locks. Furthermore, the products typically contained nicotine with a strength of 20mg/mL, and they all adhered to regulations, as evidenced by the presence of tax stamps at the brand stands.

On the first day, we were informed that 20 non-uniformed German customs officers had been present at the halls since 11 a.m. This highlighted the growing importance of ensuring that these products comply with regulations. In response, manufacturers and brands were putting in their best efforts to create products that are not only attractive and innovative but also in line with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) compliance standards. One noticeable trend among these efforts is the rise of replaceable pods, aligning with the principles of reducing risks and promoting eco-friendliness.

ALD’s New Product Launch Event at InterTabac:

On September 14th at 3:00 PM, we proudly unveiled our latest vape innovation, the FRESOR Slim, at Booth 3.F50 during the InterTabac 2023 event.New Product Launch Event at InterTabac


In response to the common challenges faced by vape devices regarding TPD compliance, ALD introduced its vaping technology breakthrough, the FESOR Nova platform. And now, at InterTabac 2023, we introduce the newest product, the FRESOR Slim – a 2mL closed pod system that stands out with its crystal-clear e-liquid pod, flat 5-layer cotton fibers, a 6S leak-proof design, and a remarkable 42% increase in puffs compared to regular 2mL vapes. Its highly adaptable modular structure also supports automated production processes, making it a true game-changer in the vaping industry.

The response from attendees was nothing short of phenomenal. The booth attracted a throng of people who were not only passing by but also many of our long-time friends and partners who had been invited in advance. People stopped in their tracks, eagerly awaited the presentation, listened attentively, and showered us with praise for this extraordinary product.

We are thrilled to have had such a successful event, and we look forward to bringing the FRESOR Slim to vape enthusiasts everywhere.


FRESOR is a leading vaping technology platform belonging to ALD Group Limited. It is created to enhance people’s vaping life and shape the future of the industry. Currently, we created two vaping solutions:FRESOR Nova and FRESOR Max.FRESOR Novais a perfect solution for small-capacity vape devices;FRESOR Maxis a perfect solution for big-capacity vape devices.

FRESOR banner

About ALD

ALD Group Limited, a global leader in the vaping industry, has been professional in providing one-stop OEM/ODM atomization solutions for vape brands from all over the world since 2009. With over 14 years experience, over 4000 workers and 6 factories, our company has gained a great reputation among our cooperated clients and fast-growing market share.


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