Again! ALD Wins TWO International CMF Awards for Eco-friendly Vaping Solution

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International CMF Design Award 2023 Winners – Second from the left

International CMF Design Award 2023 Winners – Second from the left

Shenzhen, December 14, 2023 – In a dazzling event at 7 p.m., the curtain fell on the International CMF Design Award 2023, and ALD Group Limited stole the spotlight with not one, but two victories! The creations, “Light Unbounded” and “Planting & Harvesting,” emerged triumphant in the Consumer Electronics CMF Design category.

The event focused on two major trends: “Green and Sustainable CMF Solutions” and “Smart and Intelligent CMF Solutions.” It used criteria such as innovation, aesthetics, functionality, practicality, environmental friendliness, and emotional appeal for evaluation, comprehensively exploring the diverse aspects of CMF Solutions, including material selection, design strategy, user experience, and market trends. The aim was to promote the development and innovation in the CMF field.



The product “Light Unbounded” innovates with a unique combination of smart technology and CMF design, crafted with recyclable PCR materials and RS dimming components.

PCR, as an environmentally friendly recycled material, significantly reduces resource consumption and effectively alleviates environmental pressure. The RS dimming film has the functions of adjustable color and light control, achieving a translucent effect when drawn, showcasing its unique charm. This design cleverly integrates smart technology with the concept of green sustainability, providing users with an unprecedented sensory experience and highlighting the beauty of the harmonious coexistence of technology and nature.

Planting & Harvesting:

Planting Harvesting

“Planting & Harvesting” focuses on a green design philosophy, featuring an environmentally conscious creation made of PCR and seed paper.

The seed paper, recyclable and suitable for planting, ensures the continuity of natural greenery. Ingeniously incorporating the “Mystery Box” concept, the seed paper seamlessly blends with the vaping device, giving users a profound experience of planting and harvesting. This design not only creates a new product appearance but also innovates people’s awareness of eco-friendly technology. From creation to innovation, from recycling to planting, each step carries the seeds of green hope, collectively building a sustainable and beautiful future.

ALD’s success isn’t a one-time thing. Earlier this year, the products DOLPHIN, WALL, and Glist Air1 have all won the Red Dot Awards. In April, ALD received the 2023 MUSE Packaging Design Silver Award. These accolades aren’t just about pretty designs; they reflect ALD’s dedication to ESG values – Environment, Society, Governance.

Over the years, ALD has consistently adhered to innovation-driven thinking and design leadership, constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of design. We have established a global design innovation system layout, committed to delivering innovative results with international first-class standards. In this process, “Light Unbounded” and “Planting & Harvesting” not only demonstrate ALD’s design strength but also represent a firm commitment to sustainable development. In the future, ALD will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, pursue excellence, and present more stunning design works for our customers.




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