Thrilling news: ALD won the Gold Award for the 2022 International CMF Design Award!

Group photo of 2022 International CMF Design Award winners

Group photo of 2022 International CMF Design Award winners – Fifth from the left

Shenzhen, Guangdong-March 17, 2023-On the evening of March 17, 2023, the 2022 International CMF Design Conference, organized by the committee of the International CMF Design Award, was grandly held in Shenzhen, China. We are proud to be one of the only two companies in the electronic cigarette industry to receive an award, and even more delighted to have won the Gold Award with our product, Dolphin. The other winning company is Smoore.


The International CMF Design Award is the world’s first specialized award focusing on CMF design (color, material, process, and pattern). It aims to promote people’s awareness of CMF and increase recognition and attention to its innovative, social, humanistic, and commercial value.


Dolphin’s CMF Innovation

The bottom shell of the Dolphin is crafted from PLA, a thermoplastic material derived from renewable sources. It’s a cost-effective and user-friendly option that’s perfect for large-scale manufacturing. And when it’s eventually buried in the soil, it decomposes completely through the actions of microorganisms, releasing only carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is then either absorbed by the soil’s organic matter or taken up by plants, preventing any carbon emissions from escaping into the atmosphere.

CMF Design of Dolphin from ALD

CMF Design of Dolphin from ALD

2022 International CMF Design Award photo 03

ALD stage speech


Eco-friendly Material Packaging

Dolphin’s packaging is a true ocean-friendly champion! With its transparent e-liquid tank made from PET recyclable plastic, this packaging solution not only looks stunning but also features a food-grade material that’s as safe as it is eco-friendly. With the help of state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes, Dolphin is able to reduce the operating costs of business while remaining committed to achieving Zero carbon emissions.

Eco-friendly Material Packaging of Dolphin

Eco-friendly Material Packaging of Dolphin

As environmental pollution continues to threaten the survival of humans and animals, using eco-friendly materials to protect the ecology is not only the responsibility of humanity but also the responsibility of enterprises. ALD has demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection by innovating with technology. This not only reduces pollution from production activities but also conserves resources and energy, and reduces production costs, making our products more competitive in the market.

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