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Finding a great and trustworthy vape manufacturer is not an easy task to do. So what makes an excellent vape manufacturing company? Is it quality, price or something else? That's not an easy question to answer but let's try. A great vape manufacturer creates high quality, reliable products that you can use with confidence. Also, they don't release new products just because it's the market trend, but because you are convinced that the world needs a new box mod with 220W, they release a new product only if it serves a purpose and will improve your vaping experience! Let's explore some of the top7 vape manufacturers worldwide.

1.ALD Vape


The ALD Group Limited is a leading vaping devices manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and other related services. They have an impressive catalog of products, including disposable vape pens (with LR and HR), refillable vape pens, pod systems, and CBD vape pens. As the company motto suggests, they focus on providing excellent customer service and satisfying your needs. If you are not satisfied with their products or services, they will do everything to solve the problem as quickly as possible for you. Their professional team is dedicated to establishing a healthy and sustainable environment for the whole vaping industry by innovating new products time after time.




Voopoo is a company based in Shenzhen, China and in the US that began as a medical technology organization before purchasing the US-based Woody Vapes Company. Shortly after this, they partnered with the GENE chip company and quickly used their technological mastery and resources to propel themselves to the very apex of vaping research and development. Furthermore, Voopoo helped make draw-activation a standard feature in many pod vapes, allowing the user to puff to activate their unit rather than press the fire button, further expanding the boundary of what we can expect from vaping devices.



In recent years, SMOK has proven that they're a force to be reckoned with. With every new device they release, they always aim high to improve vapers' experience and keep them on the cutting edge of vaping, no matter their style or preference.

SMOK is one of China's most exciting and experimental companies. The company has grown to become the front-runner in the vape industry by delivering everything consumers want in their products: excellent battery life, clean taste, long-lasting coils and a wide variety of flavors. When doing business with SMOK quality is guaranteed!




Like many vapers, you may recognize Vaporesso as one of the top quality vape brands. Backed by a history spanning 2006, this brand has been a staple in the vaping community for years. Known for creating the best quality hardware at affordable prices, Vaporesso continues to dominate the industry with new products that cater to every user's needs. The Vaporesso Revenger 220W TC VW Box Mod falls into this category of devices designed to give you the flexibility you desire, whether you're looking for an advanced temp control box mod or a variable wattage mod regarded as one of the best in its class.

 If you have invested in an expensive collection of rebuildable tanks and mouth-to-lung atomizers, this is the company you've been looking for.



JUUL's origins as a company might surprise you. Created by Pax Labs to help users have a healthier alternative to smoking, the JUUL has been a smash hit since its release in 2015. The company saw so much success from it that Pax Labs eventually created Juul Labs to focus exclusively on this trendy electronic cigarette alternative.


 JUUL was tasked with creating an alternative to its own Juul vaporizer—a device that ran on nicotine salt e-liquid capsules and boasted impressive power efficiency (an essential requirement for a mod that vapes and charges) and a unique taste experience due to its use of nicotine salts. As a result of these two features, the Juul is universally acknowledged as the best performing vape pen today.


6.  Aspire


Aspire is one of the most well-known vape manufacturers out there. They're a South Korean company that started in 2013 with the release of the CE5-style Mystique tanks. In 2014, Aspire became a household name with its release of the Nautilus tank and coil series, which is responsible for firmly establishing its reputation that continues to this day.

Aspire has a deep level of vape engineering experience. They put their heart and soul into every service they provide, from hand-rolled cigarettes to elegant glass pipes. Their vapes are not just good—they're fantastic. For this reason, Aspire managed to achieve top scores as both a mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung tank. The Nautilus 2S achieved 6.59/10 in the slant category and an impressive 8.55/10 for ease of use; the Athos managed -2.76% DOA in the slant category and 9/10 for EOL vaping.

7. Geekvape


GeekVape believes in the power of vaping to make a smoker’s life healthier. Its mission is to provide products that are not just technologically advanced but also meet a certain level of aesthetic value, which they feel is essential in giving users the most enjoyable experience possible. Geekvape is driven by innovation, a passion reflected in its focus on creating products with a unique design and high quality. Every step of their manufacturing process is designed with this approach in mind, from the materials used to the techniques utilized at each stage.

8. Innokin


Innokin started back in 2011 and saw success with their early sub-ohm tanks. Since then, they've grown into an international powerhouse with factories across the globe. Innokin remains famous as a leading manufacturer of starter kits. Innokin's starter kits are elementary to use, easy on the eye, perform admirably and tend to be stupendously cheap.

They occupy a middle ground between first-time vapers who are just getting started with their vaping attempts and the more dedicated, experienced vapers who know what they're looking for in more complex bits of kit. They're great because they give newbies a taste of what vaping is really like without scaring them away with potentially complicated devices.



Regardless, we aim to help you find the top vape manufacturer for your needs and wants. In many ways, it's a matter of taste. As with all things in life, it comes down to personal preference. We'd always urge you to research before you buy from a specific manufacturer so that you can have a better idea of whether this is the right choice for you. With vape production proliferating and innovations being made almost daily, there are plenty of options. And all that choice can be overwhelming! So while we can't complete your decision easier, this guide might be able to point you in the right direction.




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