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In this review, we’ve expounded on iJoy vaping products most ideal for your vaping enjoyment this year. If you’re in love with Ijoy vaping products, this review from Aldvapor will help you select the best iJoy Vape at your convenience.

Let’s dive in;

#1. iJoy Captain PD270

iJoy Captain PD270

iJoy Captain PD270

Are you looking forward to purchasing a dust, shock, and water-resistant vape device? You may be looking for an iJoy Captain PD27an 0 vape.

Similarly, this device is designed in a huge rectangular cardboard box. The cardboard comes with some technical specifications of the product, the device's image, a list of content, and a short description.

In addition, inside the box, you'll find a warrant card, a micro-USB cable, and a user manual on using the product. Captain PD270 comes with specific measurements i.e 911mm x 53mm x 33mm.

On top of that, Ijoy decided to create this vaping device primarily of plastic, aluminum alloy, silicone inserts, and leatherette, which creates a good, stylish, shock-resistant, and a study vape mod.

How iJoy Captain PD270 Work

This device comes with a power mode. The power mode is literary your regular wattage mode featuring three pre-heating settings: soft, hard, and normal.

To light it up, you’ll be required to press the fire button, easily accessed in the menu. So, press the button three times consecutively, and your vape device will start immediately. Additionally, if you want to cycle through various options and modes, you can use the + and – button.

Product Specifications

  • Multiple pre-heat settings
  • custom curves
  • temperature control mode
  • micro-USB port
  • Measurements i.e 911mm x 53mm x 33mm.

#2. iJoy AI Pod

iJoy AI Pod

iJoy AI Pod

iJoy AI Pod is designed to target all the casual and beginners’ vapers. Meaning, it presents an awesome opportunity for all lovers of iJoy vapers to have their figures on their products.

In the same vein, Ijoy has invented this device with a draw-activated and compact design, making it ideal for all vapers.

It also has a small white cardboard box with a clear space to look inside the box. Apart from that, you’ll find the list of content, age restriction warnings, nicotine, and company details, at the back of the box.

Additionally, this device comes with a user manual, a micro-USB for charging, and a lanyard. The Pod size is perfect to fit in purses, jean pockets, or any bag, which makes it easy to move with the Vape in any place of your choice.

How iJoy Pod Works

Ijoy pod work extremely well. You can use this Pod with long e-liquid, especially from Five Pawns. Also, you may combine it with tasty toasted almond, toasted coconut, caramel, and vanilla which taste good and pleasant for vaping.

On top of that, it comes with a non-removable 450mAh battery, which features in all other vaping Pod in the vape market. Also, it features a fast-charging technology that assures you of fast charging approximately 45 minutes long.

However, one of the huge disadvantage of this device is that you cannot vape while it’s charging. That means; that when the Vape is charging, you can't quench your vaping thirst not until it is fully charging.

Apart from that, the Pod has an airflow that facilitates loose draws when vaping.

Product Specifications

  • Measurements; 28mm x 13mm x 91mm
  • USB stick design
  • LED battery indicator
  • non-removable 450mAh battery,
  • open airflow

#3. iJoy Avenger Baby Kit

iJoy Avenger Baby Kit

iJoy Avenger Baby Kit

The unique feature of this Ijoy product is the 20350 batteries the device comes with. This feature has never been seen in any other vaping device before.

Like Ijoy vaping products, this device also has a strong compressed cardboard box characterized by a carbon-fiber sticker on the outside.

When buying this product, you’ll get a picture of the Avenger baby kit displayed on the outside box, a list of contents, the details of the company, and some technical specifications.

Inside the box, you’ll have access to a micro-USB charger, a user manual, a spare glass tube, a bag of spare O-rings for the tank, and a warranty card.

How iJoy Avenger Baby Kit Works

Most iJoy vaping products are designed with a menu to help you navigate your way while vaping. Therefore, to get hold of this vape pod menu, you'll have to press the fire button three times simultaneously.

You'll then see six icons, each with a sub-menu. For instance, some of the icons you'll be presented with include pre-heating setting, which comes with different options such as soft, hard, and normal.

The second menu you’ll come across is the POD. It is simply a voltage mode. Next will be a color sub-menu allowing you to adjust to different colors of your choice. Then a Temperature Control will be presented for a selection of the three common materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and nickel.

Another set will be the TCR, which helps insert any temperature coefficient for your preferred material. And lastly, you'll see a secondary menu that permits you to turn the voice recognition system on and off, set the screen timeout, and adjust the puff counter.

Product Specification

  • It has two 20350 batteries
  • 108W
  • micro-USB cable
  • Measurements; 66mm x 48mm x 34mm
  • 11 different colors
  • fire button

Frequently Asked Questions about iJoy Vape

How do I turn on my IJOY vape?

Typically, iJoy vape products are turned off by pressing the fire button three or five times consecutively.

Therefore, before using the device, ensure to change the wattage to a good range that befits the atomizer.

How do I reset my IJOY vape?

Resetting the iJoy Vape is pretty straightforward. Generally, when the Vape is connected directly with a new atomizer, you can press the + and the – buttons simultaneously to adjust to the initial resistance that matches the new atomizer.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy vaping products are popular and widely used globally. Therefore, these products keep evolving and come with new features and designs.

We have reviewed the top three iJoy vape products you may want to use for your vaping pleasures in this post. In case of any clarifications, feel free to contact us at your convenience.



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