What Vape Juice Should I Use?

E- Liquids come in a great variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. Choosing one that works for you can be a bit daunting due to this reason with the added difficulty that you may not yet have decided upon your preferred taste and necessities.

Here we will guide you through the essentials and the most popular flavors to aid in your journey for the perfect vaping experience.

Vape Juice Contents

All E-Liquids share the same basic of contents. There is no tobacco nor prominent health threatening ingredients such as tar or carbon monoxide which you commonly find in the infamous combustion cigarettes.

These are the ingredients for your E-Juice:


We all know water; we are primarily made from it. No taste, no smell, no color and absolutely harmless when ingested.


Widely used as a stimulant, nicotine is what causes the famous addiction to cigarettes. 
Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Also called Glycerol, this substance is viscous in nature and has a sweet-like taste to it. It is one of the base ingredients for your E-Juice. Categorized as safe for consumption by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Propylene Glycol (PG)

The other base ingredient for your E-Juice, Propylene Glycol is used to keep moisture and help the correct mix of other ingredients such as flavoring. Again, the FDA has categorized this substance as safe for use.    


There are hundreds if not more flavors for vape juice, each with their own set of substances to create them. What they all have in common is Diacetyl, adding a butter-like taste to the liquid.

Types Of E-Liquids

The kind of liquid you use for your vape pen is important, since not all work for the same vaping style. The type of liquid depends on the proportion of VG/PG, having the main types as follows:

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Containing a proportion of 50PG/50VG, this liquid uses nicotine salts and is primarily used in pod pen vapes.  

70 PG/30 VG

Ideally used for 1.8 resistance vapes, this is the standard vaping E-Juice.

50 PG/50 VG

Perfect for vapes with a range from 1-1.8 resistance, it produces and adequate amount of vapor and releases a tasty flavor.

30 PG/70 VG

Ideal for low resistance vapes (0.9 or bellow ohms) it produces a high amount of vapor and low levels of nicotine.

20 PG/80 VG

Also perfect for low resistance vapers and ideal for temperature regulation, it produces a great amount of vapor and flavor, being one of the most popular proportions for vape enthusiasts.

Can Vape Juice Expire?

There are no implemented regulations regarding the shelf life of E-Liquids, so this widely depends on the manufacturer, the way you store it and whether or not it is open when not in use.

However, there are a few red flags that can easily bee used to tell if your E-Liquid has expired:

The color of the liquid may darken to long exposure to oxygen and can be a first sign that it is going off.

The flavor just doesn’t seem right.

Any unusual smells from your E-Juice can also be a good sign it is going bad.

Another observable trait is when you see a separation of the ingredients within the bottle, meaning it has lost its uniformity.

The Most Popular Vape Juice Flavors

Now that you know the essentials for your E-Liquid, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and widely available flavors amongst this non-stop growing industry:

Menthol Fruit Flavor from Naked100 Polar Breeze:

A blend of tropical fruit flavors with an added cooling effect with inspirations from the forest.

Custard Flavor by Vapetasia Killer Kustard:

Tongue watering sweet custard with vanilla.

Bubble Gum Flavor by VaporFi Joosylicious:

For the sweet lovers, a blend of kiwi, watermelon and strawberry.

Sour Candy Flavor from Cosmic Fog Sour Melon:

Watermelon with sour candy, giving a great sweet tooth kick-in.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from VaporFi:

Strawberries, shortcake crumble and vanilla cream.

Strawberry Flavor by Jam Monster:

Buttered toast with strawberry jelly for the sweet savvy.

To Conclude

E-Juices are becoming ever more popular by the day, and with good reason. Only you will tell which liquid is the right one for your own experience and vaping journey.

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