VAPEXPO Paris 2024, the competition is getting fiercer

Amidst the Olympic spirit, the tenth VAPEXPO France Paris Vape Expo quietly commenced at the Versailles Exhibition Center. Despite the nearing of April, Parisian weather mirrored the mood of the e-cigarette industry – somewhat somber and chilly. This edition of the vape expo boasted over 200 participating manufacturers from around the globe, covering an expansive area of approximately 18,000 square meters. Unlike previous years, the organizers decided to merge the CBD exhibition with the electronic cigarette exhibition to celebrate VAPEXPO’s tenth anniversary.


Exhibitor Adjustments and Decreased Participation:

Originally planned for over 300 booths, a decline in participation from Chinese electronic cigarette brands and manufacturers, coupled with market shrinkage and the impact of European disposable e-cigarette policies, resulted in unsold booths. Despite subsequent joint marketing efforts with a domestic electronic cigarette exhibition planning company, the organizers struggled to fill nearly a hundred remaining booths. Consequently, some exhibitors were notified in December about booth relocation and a reduction in booth space.


Affected exhibitors included Chinese brands, local traders, and e-liquid merchants. While some exhibitors expressed understanding and support for the organizers’ decisions, others, particularly local traders, called for compensation or reduced ticket prices to offset increased participation costs due to decreased foot traffic and sales.

Preference for Disposable E-cigarettes over Refillable Pod Systems:

Although brands like ELFBAR and ANYX had launched refillable Pod System products in Europe the previous year with promising market feedback, French attendees, known for their conservative nature, showed limited interest in refillable Pod System products. Despite potential government bans on disposable e-cigarettes (referred to as PUFF in French), attendees remained uninterested in refillable alternatives, viewing them as part of a government conspiracy.

An exhibitor specializing in European e-cigarette trade noted the success of disposable products, emphasizing the importance of objective market judgment for survival in the industry amidst changing trends.

Limited Effectiveness of Cross-Industry Cooperation:

While cross-industry collaborations, such as partnering with luxury car brands like Rolls-Royce or Porsche, seemed promising for marketing at expos, results were underwhelming. French attendees, while acknowledging the appeal of German luxury brands, favored national brands like Peugeot, Renault, and Citroën.

Attendees expressed potential interest if luxury cars were offered as prizes, highlighting the limited impact of collaborations like VUSE’s partnership with McLaren.

Ultimately, the success of Chinese e-cigarette brands in the French market was attributed to strategic partnerships with local distributors, despite some confusion among consumers regarding the origin of certain brands.



In conclusion, the tenth VAPEXPO France Paris Vape Expo marked a significant milestone in the electronic cigarette industry, albeit amidst challenges and shifting market dynamics. Despite the grandeur of the event, characterized by the convergence of the CBD and electronic cigarette sectors, exhibitors faced hurdles such as declining participation, particularly from Chinese brands, and a preference among attendees for disposable e-cigarettes over refillable alternatives.


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