World’s Largest Disposable Vape Fresor B9000 Unveiled at TPE

Fresor B9000 and a beautiful model

Fresor B9000 and a beautiful model

Las Vegas, USA – February 24, 2023 -The TPE (Total Product Expo) exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA from February 22 to 24, 2023, witnessed the grand unveiling of the world’s largest dual mesh vape model, Fresor B9000. Almost as large as an adult man, this vape model has already attracted crowds of vaping enthusiasts eager to try this new device and marvel at its excellent flavor.

Though the Fresor B9000 model is utterly large in size, the real product is portable in fact and can be carried freely around in your pocket. And it has a super large capacity of 18mL, utilizing the Fresor Max technology with Smart Dual Mesh heating coils, which brings a consistent flavor till the last puff. In addition, the device features an Innovative 5A Leak-proof Technology that efficiently solves the issue of oil leakage, and it also comes with Type-C charging function for an extended vaping experience.

FRESOR B9000 and B8000 at TPE 2023

FRESOR B9000 and B8000 at TPE 2023

Fresor Tech is ALD’s latest brand of heating technology for the atomization industry. In addition to the Fresor Max, Fresor Tech has also introduced Fresor Nova, which is designed for small capacity products and also makes fully-automated production possible.  It now addresses the long-standing industry challenge of finding a solution that maintains good taste while extending battery life. By focusing on technology development, Fresor Tech aims to solve more of the industry’s pain points and continuously upgrade the vaping experience for consumers.

FRESOR B9000 Dual Mesh Vape Electronic Cigarette

“The unveiling of the Fresor B9000 sets a new benchmark for large capacity long-lasting disposbale vapes,” said the spokesperson for ALD. “We will continue to push our innovation to create more revolutionary products,  leading the vaping industry forward!


To learn more about FRESOR tech and its FRESOR vape products, please visit the company website:


Contact: 86-0755 2927 1296




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