What is the best CBD oil in Europe?

Europe remains the second-largest CBD market globally, with the product being legalized in almost every European country. Although CBD is considered a novel product by the European Union, some exceptions are provided by the law. To understand more about CBD oil in Europe, continue reading this article to the end.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is derived from marijuana or the cannabis plant. It has medicinal importance to various conditions like cancers, anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy. Marijuana contains a psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (HTC), creating a “high” effect in users. Although both CBD and HTC come from the marijuana plant, CBD does not cause make you high.

 CBD products are found on the market in Europe, meaning you can purchase them over the counter. Although there is a change in regulations governing the CBD products, the European market continues to expand steadily, with various new brands entering the market every month. There are many CBD brands on the market, so it may be an overwhelming task to choose the best amongst the many available.

Below are the six top-rated CBD oil on the European market:




Talking of the top-notch CBD oil on the European market, Canzon CBD tops the list. The Canzon Company is committed to offering high-quality products to its clients across the Europe continent. They offer products such as CBD oils, balms, e-liquids, skin treatments and creams. The organic hemp used by Canzon is sourced from Switzerland farms and comes in full-spectrum consisting of CBD and other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Canzon CBD oil is available in four different strengths, as shown below:

  • 5% in 10ml Bottle (500mg)
  • 5% in 30ml Bottle (1,500mg)
  • 10% in 10ml Bottle (1,500mg)
  • 10% in 30ml Bottle (3,000mg)

The 10ml Canzon CBD oil bottle contains 200 drops, while the 30ml bottle is filled with about 600 drops.



PharmaHemp CBD company produces products like extracts, skincare, drops and more. The company is GMP-certified, meaning its compliance with ISO standards is unquestionable. The company uses organic hemp to produce superior cannabinoid products such as CBD and CBG. PharmaHemp company has a new website with a modern look. You can find details about the legality of their CBD products in European countries, laboratories, branches, and third-party laboratory test reports. The information is published online to give customers confidence about these products.


Endoca Hemp oil

Endoca CBD, whose origin is in the US, has recently made its way into the European market with a new subsidiary in the Netherlands. Endoca products are helpful to those people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle choice. The company gets its CBD products through a CO2 extraction process which is environmentally friendly. The process uses low requires low temperatures and keeps the beneficial molecules of the extract intact. The products from these companies are pure and safe to use and can be used by all people, including those with lower immune systems.



Reakiro CBD Company tracks its product’s entire life cycle, making it unique and outstanding. According to the company website, they follow up its hemp from the seed to the selling stage. The company produces full-spectrum CBD products like oils which include naturally occurring cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids. Reaktor company clients enjoy good customer services, free shipping within Europe and a guarantee of a 30-days money return. Although the company has been in existence for a few years, it has gained popularity across the European market.



Essenz CBD products are free from any contamination like heavy metals or pesticides, making them one of the best CBD oils on the European market. The company produces CBD products through the CO2 extraction process. You can use Essenz CBD oil as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing. The product also helps improve eczema and reduce ageing signs, acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

The derivation process used by Essenz Company when crushing hemp molecules ensures the final product absorption rate is high. The dark bottles used to package their products protect the oil from harmful UV rays. Essenz CBD oil can remain unspoiled for a longer period, even after opening the lid.


Evoque CBD products differ from other companies products as it is produced with the nutrition and well-being of users in mind. Their products are rated full-spectrum and organic. The company uses a CO2 extraction process to get CBD oil from hemp. The method minimizes the presence of heavy metals and pesticides in the final products making it one of the best CBD oil on the European market.

Evoque CBD Company packages their products into small batches to ensure they don’t overstay on the shelves. According to the company website, the products are beneficial because they originate from organic products and are sustainably sourced, making them not harmful to the earth.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

CBD is not restricted in almost all European countries. Although this is the case, there exist some restrictions from the governing bodies. The law allows CBD products that do not contain HTC content exceeding 0.2%. The European Food Authority (EFSA) in January 2019 announced that all cannabinoid-infused food must be approved as a novel food. The European Commission (EC) accepted this idea, classifying cannabis Sativa L. and other products with cannabinoids as novel foods.

Can you get high from CBD oil?

The answer is No. You can only get high after using THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD oil does not contain psychoactive properties unless in full-spectrum products containing trace amounts of THC. The portion of HTC in full-spectrum is so minimal to make you high. If you face the risk of a drug test at your job or any public space, CBD oil is the best option devoid entirely of THC.

European countries remain the largest CBD market of this century, with many brands being introduced to the market every month. Although CBD is legal, there are some restrictions that guide the industry. Whether you are a beginner or a seasonal CBD user, you may need that quality product based on your situation. It may sometimes become an overwhelming task to find CBD oil from a company with a good reputation.


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