My vape pen blinking 3 times How to fix

Many vape users face vape-blinking issues. Sometimes, your vape starts to blink three times, which is an indication of immediate repair. Therefore, you must heed this sign and repair your vape immediately. 

If left unattended, this vape pen blinking problem can also lead to complete failure of the vape pen. You must have the requisite knowledge regarding the situation to fix it without any delays. However, if you cannot solve the issue, it is better to take your vape pen to a professional for repairs. 

No standardized system

When it comes to vape pens, we cannot determine their system. Every vape brand uses different mechanisms to make their vapes, making it hard to look at different vapes with the same perspective. Over the years, the vape industry has gained much popularity.

People are now more aware of their health and use vapes as reliable alternatives to cigarettes. Vape brands are contributing to the success of the industry like nothing else. We have various vape pens with varying sizes, features, and functions today. Depending on your preferences, you can use a suitable vape that meets your requirements.

These vapes also give you a massive range of choices to choose from. You can also seek help from pro vapers in case you find choosing a vape for yourself difficult. People frequently use vape pens, which can give deeper and better insights into suitable brands. Every vape brand deploys a different control system in its vape. 

Therefore, it is crucial to know the vape you are buying. It will save you from trouble later and allow you to make the most of your vape pen. Now you know that we should study a particular vape thoroughly so that we can fix its problems. We will state different reasons that might cause your vape pen to blink three times. 

Reasons for a vape blinking three times

You must carefully read these reasons to discover why your vape pen blinks thrice

1. Switched on correctly

There is no issue with switching the vape pen. Typically, these vapes have an ON button so that we can start them. Sometimes, we repeatedly press this button, and the vape begins to blink. 

If this is the case, then there is no technical issue with your vape. You can keep using it the way you do. However, you can still check and read the user manual. It will help you understand the performance of your vape pen better. 

2. Low battery

Some vapes blink, which might mean they are out of battery. When you frequently use your vape pen but do not charge it, it might start to blink. This is the sign that you need to charge your vape as soon as possible. Again, this is not a technical problem with your vape. 

Recharging your vape will fix the blinking, and you can use it easily. It is recommended that you stick with the user’s manual and learn about the nitty-gritty of your vape pen. This will empower you to prevent possible issues with the pen in the future. 

If your vape pen blinks differently, the user’s manual will help you understand it better. The problem occurs when you don’t know about your vape’s particular blinking light and blinking mechanisms. 

3. Connection issues

If the connection is faulty, vape pens can also blink three times. This means you cannot inhale the vapor even if your vape’s battery is fully charged. If this is the case, you must detach and clean the battery from the vape. 

Also, cleaning the tank will be beneficial. Ensure there is no grease and debris inside the vape tank. Blockage can be the main reason for connection issues. If the vape juice has been dried, there is a higher chance it will leak. This also gives rise to connection issues. You can take a cotton bud and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the vape pen inside out.

During cleaning, do not compromise the sensitive parts of the vape pen, like vape cartridge and vape battery. Also, be gentle when putting the vape pen components back together. If the problem persists, you must check the next case we will discuss. 

4. Short circuits

Vape pens can also blink three times if there is a short circuit. When water seeps into the vape’s body, it can cause damage to it on the whole. Blinking of the vape, in this case, means that you need to opt for a safety measure. If you accidentally drop the vape pen, it can also cause a short circuit. 

There are different types of vapes, such as mod vapes, by which we can easily find out what is wrong with the system. But this is only possible with some types of vapes. If you are using a disposable vape, it is better to get a new one. 

5. Battery overheating

When we use our vape pens frequently, they damage their batteries. The battery starts to overheat, and it becomes dangerous for further usage. Vape pens can also start blinking when the battery is not working correctly. For this reason, you need to check the battery of your vape to see if it is consistently blinking. 

If your vape pen’s battery is damaged, you must look for a new one. It is also crucial to keep the battery in check. Monitoring its performance will save you from problems other than blinking. However, using a vape with a robust battery is vital. It will prevent such issues in the long run. 

6. Expired battery

Vape pens stop working and blink if the battery has expired. Sometimes, we use vape pens without knowing their battery has expired. When this happens, green light on your vape pen may start blinking.

You might also be unable to inhale puffs as usual. Therefore, it is crucial to check if your battery is working fine or not. If there is a problem with your vape’s battery, replacing it immediately will solve the problem. 

7. Long puff

Some people take long puffs, which is not beneficial for the performance of your vape. It can undergo damage soon. Keep your puffs up to 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Some vapes are made for only a short puff. So, only take long puffs if you are using one that is not.

 You can always ask the brands whether they produce reliable vapes for long puffs. If so, you can buy one for yourself. It will prevent problems like battery damage and blinking successfully. 

8. Pressed button too long

 Sometimes, when you mistakenly press the power button for too long, it can undergo damage. For this reason, you must learn about your vape pen. It will help you understand its functioning better. Your vape pen can start blinking if the power button is not working. It is beneficial to see whether you should press it for a long time. 

Dealing with the Issue of disposable vape pen blinking

We provide some proven tips and recommendations to identify the culprit behind your vape pen’s blinking. You must consider these additional tips to determine the right cause of the vape pen problem. 

1. Examine Connections

It is crucial to keep all the connections of the vape pen in check. These connect different parts of the vape pen. Therefore, it is vital to see if these connections are working fine. If there is dirt and debris around these connections, they can undergo damage in the long run. 

Using mild alcohol to clean these connections will be beneficial. The battery should also be working appropriately. If it is not fully charged, problems with your vape pen can occur. 

2. Power & Temperature Adjustments

Blinking also occurs when there is a problem with the power and temperature settings. Users who don’t heed these settings often damage their vape pens. Therefore, read the user’s manual carefully and then check suitable settings for your vape pen. Sometimes, the wrong power and temperature can cause internal damage to the vape pen, which can give rise to peculiar blinking as well. 

3. Troubleshooting Short Circuits

Vapen pens can easily get overheated. Therefore, they have special built-in safety features to prevent complete failure of the vape pen. These have a feature called auto-shutoff. It turns the vape pen off when there is a chance of overheating. 

Heat damage to vape pens can easily cause short circuits. Blinking can also occur due to unmonitored use. Therefore, ensure troubleshooting these issues to make your vape pen last longer. 


If your vape pen is blinking, then this is not something new. There can be different reasons that vape pens blink. The best thing to do is to study your vape pen entirely and then find out the reason behind blinking. There is no general solution to fix a blinking vape pen. 

This is because all vape pens are different. You can seek professional assistance to repair your pen if the problem prevails. If you have disposable vape pens, then it is better to discard them and get a new one. This guide has provided you with possible reasons behind the blinking of a vape pen. What you can do best is identify these reasons and opt for the best preventative measures to stop this blinking. 


1. What causes your vape to blink thrice?

When you see your vape pen blink three times, it indicates a problem between the battery and the cartridge. Some blockage due to debris and grease can also be the main reason. The best is to clean the area around the battery and cartridge to ensure seamless flow within the vape pen. 

2. How to resolve a blinking vape issue?

If you have a vape with battery dead, it can cause the pen to blink. Therefore, it is a sign that you should opt for a new battery immediately. If the vape pen cartridges are blocked with grease and debris, it can also cause blinking. It is essential to clean them gently with mild alcohol and a cotton bud. 

3. What steps to take to fix my disposable vape pen blink 3 times?

You can change the old battery of your vape. Other than this, you can also check the screws of the vape pen to see if they are correctly tightened. If the problem prevails, then your vape pen has expired. You can always buy a new disposable vape pen since these are not expensive and are easily available. 

4. How do I fix a vape pen light blinking 10 times?

In this case, you should know that your vape pen has failed completely. It’s high time that you replaced it with a new one. Such worn-out vape pens are not safe and reliable for usage. They can also cause short circuits, so you must discard them immediately. 

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