Vandy Vape: A Leader in Innovative Vaping Solutions

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Vandy Vape is one high-profile name in the current vaping industry. It is widely known for providing ducts that cater to a wide selection of vapes. Vandy vape originated in China, obligated to deliver vape fanatics with unconventional devices and equipment ensuring a unique and exceptional experience.

Product Lineup of Vandy Vape

Box Mods

Vandy Vapes merchandise diverse high quality products specifically designed to cater needs of beginners to pro-level vapers. The box mods are crafted to deliver both reliability and performance. This has made them a the preferred choice of vape fanatics. In case you are looking for equipment with diverse temperature control and wattage, Vandy vapes has got your back. 

Pulse AIO


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Pulse AIO is one peculiar product of Vandy Vape. This all-rounder device is specially crafted for portability and accessibility, which makes it user-friendly and more appropriate for occupied users. This device is associated with configuring a single coil that delivers high-quality flavor and vapor production. 



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For individuals inclined towards rebuildable tank atomizers, Vandy Vape’s Pro RTA is the ultimate choice. This RTA presents an adaptable build deck and considerate-sized e-liquid supply. These features make this device supreme among vapers who enjoy customized vaping experiences. Excellent airflow and unique flavor production are the hallmarks of Pro RTA.

Kits and Accessories

Vandy Vape delivers an all-exclusive range of accessories and kits that complement their devices. From coil replacement to batteries, all the options are available for devices to function properly. These devices are available on various websites to ensure their availability to a wide range of consumers and to make them easy to access on your doorstep with fast-paced delivery options.

Safety and Compliance

Vandy Vape is devoted to the safe use of vape and is compiled with all its related standards. It is crucial to take into account that their products come with warnings about reproductive harm. These intimations are in agreeability with regulations released by California state and are meant to notify consumers about possible health risks associated with the use of vaping products.

Health Warnings

All Vandy Vape products are inappropriate for pets, children, and people with specific health risks. It is suggested to consult any physician before consumption of such products in case of any health condition. Nicotine is present in various e-liquid products. It causes dependency and addiction, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

Review of Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF 95W

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The Vandy Vape’s product V2 BF 95W is supposed to be a distinctive product and a prominent addition to the range of box mods. Tony B has designed the product in collaboration with Vandy Vape. It endeavors to deliver an exceptional device with an extraordinary vaping experience.

Design and Build Quality

The vape pulse V2 is designed with high-end material to ensure a premium experience and product durability. It features a user-oriented, compact layout which provides a comfortable grip and is easy to use. The box mod of this device is fueled with single 20700, 21700, and 18650 batteries with an additional adapter to provide longevity and flexibility.


Pulse V2, along with its 95-watt output, offers a good deal of power for an exceptional vaping experience. The box mod reinforces multiple modes to cater to various vaping experiences, such as variable wattage, bypass mode, and temperature control. Squonk bottles are easily refillable and can lock up e-liquid in generous amounts, ensuring the vaping experience maximum without frequent refill breaks.


This device is equipped with multiple features, including a colorful display on its screens that depicts all the relevant information on its face. Furthermore, it includes variant features such as safety protection reminders,low-battery notifications, and over-temperature warnings to ensure a secure and sound vaping experience. 

User Experience

Consumers have admired Pulse V2 for the way it performs excellently with ease. This device is instinctive to utilize. This feature makes it more appropriate for both new users and experienced vapors. The Squonk system operates effortlessly by consistently supplying the same flavor and producing adequate vapor.

Review of Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA

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The Vandy Vape, V2 RDA Mesh, is an updated version of the previously launched Mesh RDA. The current, upgraded version features various improvements that intensify the whole vaping experience. RTA is formulated for consumers who prefer rebuildable atomizers while enjoying versatile mesh coils. 

Design and Build Quality

Mesh V2 possesses a robust and sophisticated layout. It is manufactured using stainless steel to ensure long-lasting and durable performance. The RDA is 25mm in diameter, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of available mods. Its top cap shows a honeycomb airflow pattern, which allows for adjustable and smooth airflow.


Mesh V2 provides exceptional performance due to its unique layout and top-notch mesh coils. The RDA substructures four types of mesh coils: Kanthal, A1, Ni80, and SS316L. This diversification allows consumers to customize their vaping experience based on vapor production and their preferred flavors.


The Mesh V2’s prime ability lies in its handy and convenient build deck. The ceramic block loaded with spring makes sure the contact of mesh coils with cotton leads to consistent heating. The RDA showcases an ample supply of juice by reducing the desire for persistent squonking and dripping.


Vandy Vape remains the leading brand in the vape industry due to its innovative layouts and high-end product manufacturing. This brand offers a diverse range of items to cater to every user’s needs, including kits, box mods, and accessories. Vandy Vape is known to be a trusted brand in the vaping community due to its strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. Vandy Vape offers products for both beginners and seasoned vapors. These products are specially designed to deliver an over-the-moon vaping experience.

To get more information and the latest product updates about Vandy Vape, visit ALD Vapor official website. Grab your favorite product now. Always consult your physician before using any Vandy Vape products to avoid any health issues later. Also, keep Vandy Vape products away from pets and children.

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