Two common gradient processes in the application of e-cigarette: anodizing and spraying

CMF – Color Material Finishing, as one of the most important links in product production design, mainly focuses on color, material and process. Due to the characteristics of the electronic cigarette industry, the importance of CMF need not be overstated. Judging from the situation in the past two years, almost every year there are products went viral that drive the popularity of a certain process.

The most common appearance effect is gradient color, and there are two main stable processes used for gradient color: anodizing and spraying.

Gradient e-cigarette casings - Anodizing

Gradient e-cigarette casings – Anodizing

1. Anodizing

Anodizing is the formation of an oxide film on the metal surface, and pure anodization only includes the process of generating an anodized film.

Anodizing process
If the metal needs to be colored, it needs to be dyed and sealed to achieve the coloring effect.
Gradient color is to control the dyeing time of dyes in the dyeing tank. The dyes enter the molecular gap of the oxide film during the dyeing process. By controlling the time that the parts that need to be dyed stay in the dye through the computer, such as gradually pulling the workpiece away from the dye, a uniform gradient effect can be achieved.


2、 Spraying

Spraying is a processing method of atomizing paint by spray gun and coating it on the surface of objects. Coatings with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, conductivity, insulation, sealing, lubrication and other special mechanical physical and chemical properties can be obtained on various substrates. It has a wide range of applications and belongs to traditional technology.

Gradient e-cigarette casings - Spraying

Gradient e-cigarette casings – Spraying

Gradient spraying is a spraying equipment that uses more than two kinds of color coatings. By modifying the structure of the equipment, one color can slowly transition to another color to form a new decorative effect. The operation of the equipment is relatively simple and efficient. Simple gradient spraying can be achieved, which is easy to mass produce and has a high yield.


So far, electronic cigarettes have a lot of appearance processes to choose from, such as anodizing, two-color injection molding, spraying, stickers, UV printing, skin, 3D curved glass, and so on. In terms of appearance, there are frosted, rubber paint, polishing, gradient colors, patterns and so on.

Although new processes often represent the cutting-edge fashion trends in the industry, for prudent procurement engineers, the adoption of new processes is not a one-off thing, and some common processes will continue to be used until the new process is mature and introduced. ALD has rich OEM qualifications and a R&D team of 50+ CMF personnel, providing one-stop atomization design and production services. To escort you to meet the challenges brought by changes in the e-cigarette market trend.

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