Top 10 Vape Shops Near me in London


In the recent decade, the vaping community has grown significantly. Many vape shops have sprung up as a result of this, ensuring that you can acquire your electronic cigarettes as close to you as feasible.

Visiting a store used to be a transactional experience, but vape shops function in a distinctive way that makes it a memorable one. This is because each vape shop has a well-trained staff that will communicate with you professionally to ensure that you enjoy vaping. Most vape shops in London are also in tranquil settings where you may park your car discreetly or even vape while interacting with other vapers.

Below are the top 10 vape shops available to you as a vaper in London, each with a large selection of vape tools:


  1. UK Vaper Store:

UK Vaper Store

UK vaper Store is one of the UK’s fastest-growing vape businesses, with the city’s lowest and fairest prices for high-quality vape products. You can obtain the best bargains and discounts on e-liquids, juices, and other vape products by visiting this website.

On their counters, they feature a distinct selection of vaporizers. They sell juice bottles in sizes from 10ml to 120ml. They have excellent employees who make their visitors and clients feel welcome and educated about vaping and its products. Dinner Lady Salts, Chief of Vape, and Frukt Cyder are among the newest Nic Salts available.

Dessert e-liquids, Creamy e-liquids, Mint and Menthol e-liquids, Fruit and Berry e-liquids, Bakery and cake pastry e-liquids, and Confectionary e-liquids are the different types of e-liquids. They provide free shipping on all orders. They accept VISA, Mastercard, debit, and credit cards for payment.

Address and Location: 2 Applewood Cl London N20 9JW UK

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm

Contact details: +44 20 7998 8030


  1. VapeClub:


VapeClub provides outstanding service to its customers. They make their store a welcoming environment for all guests. Their major goal is to provide you with a genuine range of fantastic liquids, juices, and vape accessories.

They have everything from huge bottles to 10ml bottles, Nic Salts to Nic Shots, and everything in between. They established excellent and fair prices for all vaping items. It is widely regarded as London’s top vape shop. They provide excellent customer service. You can also get in touch with their customer service representatives.

They are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about all vaping products. They take orders before 7 p.m. and use the Royal Mail Next Day Tracked 24 hour service to ship them the same day. Saturday and Sunday are both working days for them. You get free delivery if you spend more than $20.

Address and location: Unit 27, Greenhill Crescent, Watford Hertfordshire, WD18 8YB, UK

Opening hours: Monday to Friday : 8am-8:30pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am-5:30pm

Contact details: +44 1923 479992


  1. UK E-cigarette Store:

UK E-cigarette Store

This shop selects the most up-to-date and diverse range of vape products from Manchester, Paris, and Birmingham. If you’re looking for the greatest vape shops London has to offer, then this is the place to go.

They have a large selection of vape accessories, including kits, tanks, mods, boxes, and starter kits. You will undoubtedly discover a vape that is ideal for you. If you enjoy vaping, they have a large selection of e-liquids that have been evaluated by their customers in the store.

Address and location: 20 Fulton Rd, Wembley HA9 0TF, United Kingdom

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday: 11am-6pm

Contact details: +44 20 3475 4885


  1. Shopecigarette Ltd Shop

Shopecigarette Ltd Shop

Shopecigarette Ltd is a trusted vape shop that caters to all of your vaping needs. It is one of London’s greatest vape shops. It is located in the heart of Hammersmith at 208 King Street.


They have a kind and knowledgeable staff who are happy to assist their customers. They offer both offline and online services, as well as high-quality products at reasonable prices. They are devoted to their clients. Monday to Friday are their working days. They deliver the orders by 12:30 p.m. If you spend more than $35, you get free shipping.

Address and location: 208 King Street, London, United Kingdom, W6

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11am-7pm

Contact details: +44 800 027 2530


  1. CBD Vape shop:

CBD Vape shop

The CBD Vape Shop is London’s best vape shop, satisfying and fulfilling all of your vaping needs. They had a large selection of savoury e-liquids and juices.

This fantastic shop should be visited by all new and exciting vapers. Monday to Friday are their working days. Your order will be shipped before 3 p.m. The order will be shipped the next day after 3 p.m. They offer free delivery on orders above $30.

Address and location: EC4V 6BJ, 33-34 New Bridge St

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Contact details: +44 207 240 3513


  1. The House of Vape

The House of Vape
Vampire Vape, Ohm Brew, Fuu, Crafted, Dr Frost, Pacha Mama Salts, Fruitia, Only Eliquids, Rope Cut, Udderly Amazing, and JUUL are among the finest vape product brands available at House of Vape in London. They have almost 500 different flavours of premium, handcrafted e-liquid.

They offer a variety of e-liquid flavours, including tobacco, fresh, beverages, sweet, fruity, and nicotine salts. Geek Bar, IVG Bar, Mylo Go, and Beco Mate are some of their high-quality disposable vapes.

So this is where you acquire the fantastic disposable vaporizers. The knowledgeable and skilled team there is straightforward with their customers and helps them make informed decisions.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00AM – 17:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Contact details: +44 (0) 20 3962 0485


  1. The VapeCig shop:

The VapeCig shop

Customers can get the most recent and updated versions of vape kits, tanks, mods, e-liquids, and juices from this shop. On their shelves, they have a fantastic range of vape products.

They can readily deal with their customers since they have skilled and knowledgeable employees. Customers also behave well in their presence. Before 3:30 p.m., they receive orders. They provide free delivery on orders above $20.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 9am-6pm



  1. LoveVape Shop:

LoveVape Shop

If you enjoy vaping, it is without a doubt the best vape shop in London. It’s a fantastic destination for new and experienced vapers to get their requirements met.

They have a wide variety of delectable vape juices and e-liquids, as well as good mods, to meet everyone’s preferences. If you use the liquid coupon for 10% off,They will give you a 10% discount on all e-liquids. Also, their shipping service is excellent. Customers are never let down by them.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am-8pm

Address and location: 436 Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 20 7738 7185


  1. LondonVape Shop:

LondonVape Shop

LondonVape Shop is a web-based retailer. Berry, Cereal, Bakery, Citrus, Custard, Dessert, Creamy, Drink, Sweet and Choc, Mint and Menthol, Tobacco, and Tropical Fruits are among the various e-liquid flavours they provide.

They have a knowledgeable and friendly team on hand to provide you with the necessary vaping guidelines. They provide you with lightning-fast dispatch services.

If you buy more than $30, you get free shipping. If you have any problems with your package, you have 14 days to return it. They accept VISA, PayPal, debit cards, and Master Cards as payment methods.

Address and location: 73 Kingsway, Holborn, London WC2B 6SR

Contact details: 020 7831 1974


  1. VapourzLounge Shop:

VapourzLounge Shop

The largest online vape shop is VaourzLounge. They have the broadest selection of e-liquids, juices, and vape products. They provide the Nic short fills with 10ml of e-liquid.

Customers benefit from their highly skilled and educated employees. Every visitor is treated with respect. Their major purpose is to provide you with an incredible selection of reputable vaping products at the best possible price.

Address and location: 49 Tooting High St, Tooting, London, SW17 0SP

Contact details: +44 (0) 208 767 6012



Vaping has been shown to be a fantastic smoking substitute. Many individuals who used to smoke have switched to vaping, and as a vaper, you must find a nearby vape shop to ensure that you have a ready supply of vape equipment. This will ensure that you can continue to vape.



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