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Imagine you have been waiting for a long to get your vape pen charged, and when you finally fire up one of your favorite cartridges, you get nothing but air. Sounds frustrating? Indeed, it is. Nothing is more annoying than experiencing the problem of the vape pen not working after charge, especially when you are all set with your cartridges and other requirements.

Vape pens are a popular way to consume cannabis, but sometimes they can be finicky. The most common reason for a vape pen not working after charging is that the battery is simply dead. This is especially common with older vape pens.

However, there are several other problems that you should be aware of before changing the battery or taking other steps. Here is a complete guide covering the common vape pen problems and possible solutions to fix the trouble. Keep scrolling the page to find all the essential information about this vaping device.


The Common Vape Pen Problems

Just like other equipment, vape pens are also prone to glitches. While the occasional bugs like weak draws and clogs can be resolved instantly, it can be hard to troubleshoot the significant issues, like the vape pen not working after charge or oil settling in vape cartridges.

Vape Pen Is Not Working

So, before moving to the solutions, let’s find some common vape problems. As soon as you locate the exact trouble with your vape pen, you’ll be able to resolve it quickly.


  • The settlement of oil Vape Cartridges

Since Cannabis Oil has a high viscosity, it might settle to one side of the cartridge and fail to flow accurately. The only method to resolve this issue is to apply heat to the cart. It automatically lowers the viscosity of the cannabis oil, thus letting it flow appropriately.


  • The vape pen battery is not working.

Most times, the issue is related to the vape pen battery. Before determining the problem, it is mandatory to find out the type of battery vape pen features. If your vape pen has a pull-to-draw battery, it should always be “On” until they die. However, if you have a push-button atomizer activation, you need to push the battery button five times quickly while holding the button down when pulling.


  • The atomizer is not working.

Atomize is a heating element responsible for heating cannabis when drawing hits. Sometimes, the error occurs in the atomizer, which can be due to various reasons, like debris, over-tightening, chipset problems, shorting issues, etc.


The Possible Solutions to Fix the “Vape Pen Not Working” Problem

Now that you are aware of the common vape problems let’s get back to the one you are currently facing, i.e., the vape pen not working after charge. Here’s a quick rundown of the solutions you can use to fix the problem.


  • Check the charge level first.

Sometimes, you plug out the vape pen before fully charging it, which leads to trouble. Hence, it’s always advised to check the charge level of the vape device before losing your calm. It is one the silly mistakes, and no one thinks about it in the beginning. Remember that if you didn’t charge the vape pen, it could still be empty, thus leading to the error message. Consider plugging it in again and waiting for the device to charge fully.


  • Tighten the metal rings fully.

The next best solution to eradicate the “vape pen not working after charge” is to tighten the metal rings on the cartridge’s threading. If these rings are loose, then it might be possible that your battery may face trouble transferring power. Therefore, make sure to tighten the cartridge, so it can receive a charge.


  • Check if the vape pen is turned on.

Have you turned on the vape pen? The problem often occurs simply because the device is not turned on yet. Hence, in that case, you should turn on the device, and your problem ends here.


Note that if all these solutions don’t solve your problem, you should purchase a new battery or check if the vape pen is experiencing another problem. Don’t lose hope, as all vape pen troubles are temporary and can be resolved easily.


How to Prolong a Vape Battery Life - The 4 Easiest Tips to Follow

Looking forward to avoiding vape pen battery problems? Follow the tips and tricks mentioned here and prolong a vape battery life to continue using the device for a long time.


  • Always keep your vape pen battery out of contact with direct sunlight, as UV rays are harmful to the battery and may cause potential problems in it.
  • The second-best method to prolong the vape battery life is to keep your battery out of extremely high/ low or fluctuating temperatures. Never plug in your vape pen battery if the voltage is fluctuating significantly.
  • Make sure that battery connections are not screwed on too tight or too loose, as it can eventually cause a potential battery failure.
  • Protect the vape pen battery from getting wet, as it is more likely to die if it becomes wet.
  • Last but not least is to deplete the battery out of the box and make sure it is fully charged every time you plug it into the socket. Never remove the half-charged battery, as it won’t work properly and cause the vape pen not working after charge



That’s all about it. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it worthwhile. Several reasons lead to the vape pen not working trouble, including a broken charger, broken battery, clogged cart, loose connections, and many more.

Hence, users are advised to determine every single reason and solve the problem accordingly. Remember that even the highest-quality vape pen battery tends to wear down with time, so don’t hesitate to replace the vape pen battery if it dies after a few months of usage. Always invest in the best vape pen battery and follow all the instructions mentioned above to prolong its lifespan.

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