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IECIE 2023 Italy Information:

Exhibition time: May 27-29, 2023 Opening hours: 09:00:00-18:00:00
Venue: Verona International Convention and Exhibition Center, Italy
Exhibition Industry: Electronic Cigarettes
Organizer: IECIE Organizing Committee
Holding Cycle: 1 session per year
Exhibition area: 8015.00㎡
Number of Exhibitors: 341 Number of Visitors: 11,425

IECIE 2023 Italy tickets

Whether you are a business customer or a personal customer, tickets to the IECIE 2023 Italy exhibition are FREE and you only need to register on site to receive the entry hangtag.

IECIE 2023 Italy Exhibition Introduction

The Verona Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (IECIE) in Italy is an exhibition platform with global influence in the vertical field of electronic cigarettes. With its long-standing global vision and the resource reserves of a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional buyers, the organizing committee decided to cooperate with exhibitors Take an important step with partners: IECIE2022 will officially move overseas, and the overall layout from Asia to the United States and Europe will be completed within three years.

As a major producer and exporter of the global e-cigarette industry, China's long-term and healthy development is conducive to the globalization of the industry and its entry into a broader world market. The Verona Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (IECIE) is a large-scale electronic cigarette exhibition platform in the world, attracting visitors from 92 countries and regions. Moving overseas can exert greater influence on the global market and promote the integration of the global electronic cigarette market Processes, whether it is product updates, technology changes, market expansion, or cross-border trade, all play an important role.

The Italian government has taken a positive stance on tobacco harm reduction, relaxing various strict restrictions on vaping products enacted at the previous session. The impact of policy orientation on exports, as well as the orientation of cheap labor, has become an industry trend for companies to go overseas. The Italian Verona Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (IECIE) is deployed overseas, bringing together labor, technology, equipment and other resources to lay the foundation for the external expansion of the industrial chain and promote the overall process of industrial chain transfer.

IECIE live Pictures:

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