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BIRMINGHAM, England, May 14, 2023—ALD Group Limited, a leading vape manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry, achieved major success at the Vaper Expo UK held in Birmingham from May 12th to 14th. With its stylish and captivating booth design, latest technology and devices, engaging and interesting activities, impressive giant product models, ALD attracted a large number of enthusiasts and received significant attention from vaping fans.


New Booth Design: A Visual Journey into Innovation

ALD Group Limited introduced a new booth design at the event, prominently featuring the FRESOR's Aurora Blue as the primary visual identity color. This departure from the ALD’s traditional booth design showcased its dedication to presenting attendees with a fresh visual aesthetic that reflects its innovative approach. The choice of Aurora Blue as the main color was intentional, perfectly aligning with the FRESOR Technology brand's identity, evoking a sense of technological advancement, sophistication, and a futuristic outlook. The circular structure of the booth, inspired by the Möbius strip, symbolized eternity, infinity, and constant self-evolution.



ALD Launched New Technology: FRESOR

ALD Group Limited, known for its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, made a significant impact at the Vaper Expo UK. The company unveiled its latest vaping technology, FRESOR, to an eager audience of industry professionals and vaping enthusiasts. The FRESOR tech has currently two major technology platforms: FRESOR NOVA and FRESOR MAX, which represent cutting-edge advancements in the vaping industry.


 Impressive Product Lineup

During this show, ALD introduced a range of new products, with the highly acclaimed Dolphin receiving widespread recognition by winning two prestigious awards: the 2022 International CMF Design Award and the 2023 Red Dot Award. Additionally, ALD Group Limited showcased other products from the FRESOR series, like FRESOR BAR and FRESOR BOX, featuring a transparent e-liquid chamber that addresses consumer concerns, eliminates oil-level anxiety, and provides a superior vaping experience while promoting sustainability through eco-friendly materials.



FRESOR's Best Experience Officer Activity

The activity of FRESOR's Best Experience Officer created a buzz among attendees, and numerous vaping enthusiasts eagerly flocked to our booth. Participants were thrilled to have the opportunity to try our products and our giant product models, and share their valuable insights through user feedback forms. Their enthusiasm was further heightened by the chance to win not only our exceptional products but also exclusive mystery prizes.


Conclusion of Vaper Expo UK 2023

ALD Group Limited's successful participation at the Vaper Expo UK further solidifies its commitment to revolutionizing the vaping experience through innovative technology and product design. The company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of the industry and providing cutting-edge solutions is poised to shape the future of vaping.


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