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The primary basis for creating a good cotton coil vape pens lies in the scientific selection of cotton fiber materials. For this, ALD Group Limited Research Institute has carried out long-term and in-depth basic scientific research. The study found that not any cotton fiber material can be used for the production of electronic cigarette atomizer cotton coil. Excellent cotton fiber must meet the following conditions:



The mature and normal cotton fiber has an irregular waist circle in cross section and a middle cavity in the middle. The cotton fiber with a larger middle cavity has good oil retention and can store more atomized liquid, lock the liquid firmly in the vape cotton coil , and effectively reduce the chance of liquid leakage.


Dense grooves on the fiber side:




The cotton fiber has a natural twist, and the spiral irregular twist that continuously changes the direction along the fiber length forms a side groove. The dense cotton fibers on the side grooves have a good capillary climb rate and good oil conductivity, and can continuously introduce the atomized liquid into the vicinity of the heating wire, so that the effective ingredients can be transferred evenly and efficiently, and the phenomenon of dry burning can be avoided.


High temperature resistance:




Cotton fiber exhibits different temperature resistance due to differences in variety, origin, composition and technology. High-quality cotton fiber can maintain its properties under high temperature conditions, which can effectively overcome the pain points of paste Coil and serious taste attenuation. Increase the stability of the taste and extend the service life of the product.


Fiber purity:



Fiber cleanliness is another important factor in optimizing cotton fiber. Pure cotton fiber can avoid local burnt caused by uneven heating due to inconsistent material properties, so that the taste is more restored and the experience is consistent; the source of the material can be safe. No harmful substances will be introduced, and there will be no risk of powder dropping.


The ALD Research Institute has conducted long-term high-precision testing and user experience tracking on the capillary wicking, oil retention, oil conductivity, and temperature resistance of various types of fiber materials, and established cotton, hemp, cellulose, organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials. The 6 major categories of oil guide material databases have achieved a targeted selection of materials, breaking the industry’s “blind selection” convention, and laying a solid foundation for a good user experience.



As a veteran who has been deeply involved in the vape e cigarrete industry for 12 years, ALD always insist on innovation-driven, science and technology is the primary productive force, and ALD people have the responsibility to use science to "legislate" the cotton core, directly hit the market pain points, and let people experience To pure, healthy and safe cotton Coil vape electronic cigarette.





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