Flavor Fading Concerns? Say hello to the FRESOR B8000 X1 – Your Tasty Solution!

FRESOR B8000 X1 - Smart Screen Disposable Vape

Nowadays, vaping devices are becoming more and more popular, vaping fans are starting to pay more attention to the flavor, quality, and appearance of vape devices. In addition to these three regular concerns, another common issue faced by many vapers is that flavors fade over time. For example, large-capacity products are very popular in the North American market. But one problem with many 15mL, and even 17, 18mL products is that flavor fades very badly, which is not consistent from the beginning till the end. Now, ALD introduces the FRESOR B8000 X1, a groundbreaking solution to the industry pain point of fading flavor in large-volume disposable vapes.

The FRESOR B8000 X1 is a 15mL disposable vape tailor-made for the North American market. It features a rugged and sleek design on the outside, a built-in digital display, and it is also powered by FRESOR MAX technology, commonly known as Smart Dual Mesh Technology. This innovative technology not only provides an extremely high TPM of up to 12, but also ensures a rich and consistent flavor experience that delivers on the slogan “Flavors Never Fades”.

Smart Dual Mesh, Flavor Never Fades

How does the smart dual mesh work? In contrast to the single mesh, Dual Mesh Tech involves two mesh coils working independently based on mesh mileage. This means that the first mesh coil, the upper one, will be used for a preset time period, then, before it starts to show signs of losing its flavor, the second mesh, the lower one, will be activated to prevent the flavor from fading.

Smart Dual Mesh, Flavor Never Fades

High TPM Value, Max Flavor Satisfaction

Compared to normal coil or single mesh coils, the FRESOR B8000 X1 maintains a consistently higher and stable TPM value from the beginning to the end, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience throughout.

Perfect Device for Sub-ohm Vaping

FRESOR B8000 X1 supports with sub-ohm, the power wattage is about 0.9Ω. If you are used to and bored with the simple mouth-to-lung vaping style, sub-ohming offers you the opportunity to step up your game and enjoy more flavors and bigger smoke clouds.

Unique and Sleek CMF Design

The FRESOR B8000 X1 has a hard-edged style with a creative flowing pattern design. CMF (Color, Material, Finish) engineers have skillfully blended the design with the universe to create a visual language that resonates with beauty and style. The FRESOR B8000 X1 is ready for your extraordinary adventures, where every design reflects wonder.

FRESOR B8000 X1 - Unique and Sleek CMF Design

FRESOR B8000 X1 has received tons of positive feedback at some North American expos such as the Dallas Alternatives Expo, Champs, and has also garnered great reviews from Youtube influencers such as SMM, DJLsb Vapes, and Matt from Vapor Trail Channel.


The FRESOR B8000 X1 not only features the internal marvel of FRESOR MAX technology but also introduces a digital screen display, alleviating user concerns about remaining e-liquid and battery. The flowing pattern craftsmanship adds a touch of sophistication, living up to the slogan: “Admire the Screen, Admire the Design.” The puff count is up to 8000, which ensures a prolonged and satisfying vaping experience.

For more information on the FRESOR B8000 X1, please visit here: https://www.aldvapor.com/item/fresor-b8000-x1

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