Exciting Launches at Vaper Expo UK 2023: FEELM and ALD Unveil New Tech


The vaping industry is witnessing an era of constant innovation, driven by technological advancements and a desire to enhance the vaping experience. Recently, FEELM, a leading player in the industry, made a significant announcement at the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham, UK. They introduced the newly upgraded FEELM Max, a revolutionary disposable vaping technology that is set to redefine the vaping landscape.

Alongside FEELM, another prominent player in the vaping industry, ALD, created a buzz at the Vaper Expo UK with the official launch of their groundbreaking new technology brand, FRESOR. This launch marks a significant milestone in the world of vaping technology and promises to revolutionize the vaping experience for users everywhere. FRESOR represents the epitome of cutting-edge vaping technology, offering innovative products that are set to disrupt the market.

FEELM MAX: Redefining the Disposable Vaping Experience

FEELM Max represents a significant advancement in disposable vaping technology. Equipped with the new generation ceramic core S1, it offers an increased mouth count and enhanced taste while adhering to local compliance standards. The ceramic core reduces volatile impurities, aldehydes, ketones, and residues in the mouth, ensuring a purer vaping experience and an incredibly smooth taste.

FEELM booth

FEELM booth

Feelm giving speech

Its integration of the constant power energy management system enhances vaping volume and taste consistency, achieving over 95% volume consistency and a 35% increase in taste consistency. Additionally, FEELM Max’s transparent window design allows users to monitor their usage, providing a differentiated and advanced product experience. Notably, it has received recognition such as the German Red Dot Award for its design excellence.


FRESOR stageALD FRESOR Stage of Vape Expo 2023

FRESOR: Setting the Bar Higher in Vaping Technology

FRESOR, a prominent brand in the vaping industry, has introduced two major technology platforms: FRESOR NOVA and FRESOR MAX. FRESOR NOVA incorporates a unique flat mesh vaping technology coupled with a 5-layer Composite Cotton structure made of medical-grade cotton. This combination ensures a pure taste and a greater number of puffs, catering to the preferences of vaping enthusiasts.


With FRESOR NOVA technology, the energy efficiency is increased by an impressive 36%, while puffs are boosted by 42%. Through the product’s modular design, FRESOR NOVA features Fully-automated Production, ensuring consistency and quality in every device.

last longer, more puffs

Another highlight is FRESOR Max, which addresses common issues with large-capacity disposable vapes, like flavor fading after consuming a certain amount of e-juice. It utilizes smart dual mesh technology to deliver larger clouds and long-lasting flavor, ensuring the taste remains consistent until the last puff. FRESOR’s commitment to technological innovation and pushing the boundaries of taste, performance, and technology sets a high standard in the industry.

long lasting flavor performance

A Great Leap in Technology Innovation

FEELM MAX and FRESOR’s technology platforms offer distinct features and benefits to the vaping market. FEELM MAX redefines the disposable vaping experience with its extended puffs, improved taste performance, and user-friendly design. FRESOR, on the other hand, focuses on delivering exceptional taste and enhanced performance through its NOVA and MAX platforms. These brands’ differing approaches cater to varying preferences and requirements, contributing to the overall advancement of the industry.



The introduction of FEELM MAX and FRESOR’s technology platforms represents significant strides in the vaping industry. These innovations aim to provide users with an elevated vaping experience, encompassing enhanced taste, performance, and convenience. As vaping enthusiasts seek out the latest technological developments, FEELM and FRESOR’s offerings are poised to captivate users and shape the future of vaping.


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