ALD Won the “Vape Valley Award” at ECISCC 2022 (Photos)

Shenzhen, China–On June 15th, 2022, “The Sixth E-cigarette Industry Standard & Compliance Conference (ECISCC) and the E-cigarette Export Trade Development Conference (ECETDC) hosted by the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (ECCC) was grandly held at JW Marriott Hotel Bao’an, Shenzhen. ALD Group Limited was honored to win the “Vape Valley- Vape Valley 20 Years Export Plantinum Standards” award!

ECISCC 2022 Group photo of awards

A total of 944 people, including main industry players, officials from embassies and consulates from more than ten countries around the world, leaders of overseas industry associations, economists, tobacco experts, business representatives, and news media representatives, engaged in the conference, and nearly 1 million online and offline audiences attended the conference.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce President Wang Ning, Bao’an District Government Executive Officer Ling Xiaolu, ECCC Chairman Yao Jide, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Peng Lihui, and Shenzhen Airport Group Deputy General Manager Wang Suichu gave their speeches at the conference. The videos of John Dunne, Director General of UKVIA, and Dustin Dahlmann, President of IEVA, were also played on the stage. Afterwards, other industry players were also in real time and engaged in online meeting using video streaming. 

ECISCC 2022 Group photo

ECISCC: Standardized Development for A Fructuous Future

To better serve industry enterprises, promote industry regulation and compliance development, lead the industry in a sustainable way, create a healthy environment for high-quality exports, explore worldwide markets and recognize the outstanding export company, the ECISCC is willing to provide the whole industry with policy publicity, supporting industrial chain, international policy and environment support, product and intellectual property certification and other services. ECISCC plays a unique role in advancing the environmental and sustainable development of the whole industry.

The industry policy measures build upon existing e-cigarette rules and regulations was created to standardize and regulate the development of the whole industry. We welcome regulatory supervision and absolutely support e-cigarette industry governance required by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

According to ‘Industry Report of Electronic Cigarette Industry Export in 2022’, whose first edition was launched at the conference, the global e-cigarette market is expected to exceed 108 billion US dollars in 2022, and the overseas e-cigarette market will maintain a growth rate of 35%, exceeding the 100 billion US dollars mark. Speaking of exports, this report notes that the total export value of e-cigarettes in China will reach 186.7 billion RMB in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

ECISCC 2022 blue-book cover

Official Interview with ALD

Mr. Zuo, co-founder of ALD Group Limited, shared his unique opinions in the interview during this conference, ‘’ALD is focusing both on the hardware and the flavor solutions. We’re dedicated to create a better future together with the whole industry’’.

ECISCC 2022 official interview

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The First “Vape Valley Award” Ceremony

The first “Vape Valley Award” ceremony was held at the conference to commend the outstanding e-cigarette exporters, promote the excellent experience, keep alive the striving spirit of China’s e-cigarette exporters.


The Awarded Enterprises are as below:

Vape Valley 20 Years Export Plantinum Standards

ALD Group Limited


First Union Group

Smoore International

aspire Technology

SXmini Technology


SMOK Technology

INNOKIN Technology

Joyetech Group


GREEN SOUND Technology

smiss Electronics

IJOY Group

TESLACIGS Technology

CLOUPOR Technology

Woody Vapes Technology



They are awarded for being the pioneers at the early age of e-cigarettes. They were brave few that were first to open up the markets of e-cigarettes and introduced them to the world.


ALD, with 13 years of impressive performance in overseas markets and excellent OEM/ODM one-stop services, was honored to win the Vape Valley – 20 Years Export Platinum Standards.

This award does not only recognize our great contributions to the e-cigarette industry export in the past, but also encourage ALD to create new economic and social effect in the future as the leading vaping brand.

ECISCC 2022 ALD awards and trophy

ECISCC 2022 ALD awards -2

ECISCC 2022 trophy

ALD Contributes to the Standardized Development

ALD take pride in what we do and how we do it. We will continue to play an exemplary and leading role to strive to upgrade and grow the e-cigarette industry, and contributes to “Standardized Development for A Fructuous Future”.

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ECISCC 2022 ALD colleagues

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