ALD’s New Technology Brand, FRESOR, Debut in Vaper Expo UK 2023

ALD Debuts FRESOR in Vaper Expo UK 2023

May 12, 2023, Birmingham, the United KingdomALD Group Limited has made a big splash at the ongoing Vaper Expo UK 2023, with a stunning and unique booth design and domineering advertisement on the main stage, that has garnered plenty of attention. This is the second exhibition that ALD has participated in this year, and their booth at Vaper Expo UK 2023 is even more impressive than their TPE stand, featuring a spacious layout, plenty of FRESOR brand elements. The booth showcases the same giant product models that ALD is known for, which have proven to be one of the major draws for visitors.

Vaper Expo UK 2023 ALD FRESOR booth

Vaper Expo UK 2023 ALD FRESOR booth

Vaper Expo UK 2023 ALD FRESOR booth

Vaper Expo UK 2023 ALD FRESOR booth

Exhibition Highlights: FRESOR Dominates the Main Stage

While looking around the exhibition hall, people’s attention is very easily to be captivated by FRESOR, as it dominates the whole stage with its impressive presence. What makes we record of the launch of its previous technology brand, SILMO, 4 years ago, the stage is only it’s background and now FRESOR is the main character of the stage. It is impressive to see such a remarkable change and we expect to see the great impact it will bring to the vape industry.

 FRESOR in Main Stage 1

FRESOR in Main Stage

FRESOR in Main Stage - group photo

FRESOR in Main Stage – group photo

Exhibition Highlights: ALD Launched its new technology brand, FRESOR

On the first day of the exhibition, ALD Group Limited caused a sensation at the exhibition with the official launch of its groundbreaking new technology brand, FRESOR. The event marked a major milestone in the world of atomization technology and promises to revolutionize the vaping experience for users everywhere. FRESOR represents the very best in cutting-edge vaping technology and is poised to shake up the market with its innovative new products.

FRESOR launch Vaper Expo UK 2023 Speech - Robert

One of the highlights of the FRESOR brand is the FRESOR Nova, a perfect solution for a 2mL vape device, it is specifically designed to solve common pain points that plague other vapes under European regulations. With its unique flat mesh vaping technology, 5-layer Composite Cotton structure made of medical-grade cotton, and Waterfall V-shaped Air Channel design, FRESOR Nova is a game-changer. It delivers fully-automatic production, to achieve high consistency and increase puffs by 42% compared to normal vapes of 2mL e-liquid. Also with its clear oil tank, users can easily monitor their e-liquid levels to avoid a bad dry burning experience.  

The other highlight of FRESOR brand is FRESOR Max, a perfect solution for large capacity vape, it is specially designed to solve common pain points of the large capacity disposable vapes, and flavor fades quickly after 9-10mL e-juice is consumed. It adopts smart dual mesh technology that delivers larger clouds and long-lasting taste, so the flavor never fades till the last puff. Early in TPE show in Feb, ALD also shows this product series through their giant product models.

FRESOR - Leading Vaping Technology Platform

As a global leader in the vaping industry, ALD is sure to take the innovation of vaping experience to the next level with its new FRESOR technology brand and its vape products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this game-changing technology for yourself.

Best Experience Officer Activity to know better about FRESOR Nova.

Following the launch events, ALD organized several interactive activities to offer visitors a better understanding of FRESOR and its products. Participants had the opportunity to try out the giant product models and participate in the “Best Experience Officer” activity. The enthusiastic visitors eagerly tried the FRESOR Nova samples and provided very positive feedback. It was evident that visitors were eager to experience cutting-edge technology and new products from the vaping industry leaders. They were on the lookout for unique vaping options to stand out in the oversaturated market and stay updated in the ever-evolving vaping industry.

Photos from Vaper Expo UK 2023 Day 1 - Big Vape model

Photos from Vaper Expo UK 2023 Day 1 group photo

The “Best Experience Officer” activity was a hit among visitors, as they had the chance to share their experiences with the products and provide feedback to ALD, also the giant product models are really appealing which makes people eager to have a try with it.

Conclusion of Vaper Expo UK 2023

Overall, there are many highlights in this exhibition, people are very impressed by a plethora new products and technologies displayed by participating vape companies. The launch of FRESOR has been a standout moment of the exhibition, gathering widespread attention and it will sure to increase people’s confidence in a bright future of vaping. ALD’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction was evident in its new technology brand and the interactive activities it organized. As exhibition continues, we eagerly anticipate further surprises and exciting developments in the vaping industry.

About ALD

ALD Group Limited, a global leader in vaping industry, is professional in providing one-stop OEM/ODM solutions for vape brands from all over the world, including designing and manufacturing vape devices like disposable vape and pod systems. With over 14 years of experience, more than 4000 workers, and 6 factories, ALD has gained a great reputation in the industry and fast growth of market share.


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