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Wax pens have a rich history in the vaping market and are unquestionably one of the most popular types of the vape device. However, even though they had a rocky debut and a lot of new models were introduced, unfortunately, most of them often contained bugs and produced subpar results. In recent years, wax pens have evolved a lot, and these modern wax pens have specs and features that surpass the expectations of vape users. In this article, we will explain everything about a wax pen that you need to know before buying it.

What is a wax pen?

wax pen

Wax pens are also known as wax vaporizers or wax vaporizer pens. They are named pens because they are the size of an ink pen or sometimes even smaller. The main substance used in a wax pen is wax concrete or cannabis wax. Many wax vaporizers use other plants or concrete too. Concrete wax is a material made by ripping inactive elements of the cannabis plant. There are different types of concrete depending on their manufacturing technique.

The most commonly used cannabis concretes are hashish, kief, shatter, 710, crumble, wax, badder, and buddar. The concrete wax is then heated inside the coil through hybrid heating or convection mechanism. To achieve maximum pleasure, you must choose the concrete carefully.

Pros and Cons


  • Their small size makes them easy to carry
  • A variety of concrete options
  • Temperature control mechanism
  • Produces less odor compared to a standard cigarette
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Atomizer requires to be replaced occasionally
  • Must be cleaned after each use
  • A bit more expensive than ordinary vape devices

How it works?

wax pen disassembly diagram

A wax pen consists of three main parts: A batter, an Atomizer chamber, and a mouthpiece. These three components are connected with each other through the 510 threading mechanism. The working of a wax pen is quite simple; just follow the following steps.

  • Preparation of wax: The first step to start vaping through a wax pen is the preparation of wax. Wax can be malleable, soft, or hard, depending on its temperature and processing conditions. It is very sensitive to light and air supply. Hence, make sure you store it in a dark and cold place.
  • Put wax into atomizer: Some vape pens have only one atomizer, while others can have two or three. Before vaping, transfer the required amount of wax to a vaporizer with the help of a dab spoon.
  • Turn on the wax pen: When the wax pen is completely ready, turn on its battery. The metal coils start heating up, and the temperature of the wax rises. After some time, the heat of the coil melts the concrete wax, and THC-heavy vapors are produced. These vapors are inhaled through the mouthpiece connected with the atomizer.
  • Temperature setting: You can control vapor production through temperature. At higher temperatures, bigger clouds are produced, while at lower temperatures, the concrete flavor is dominant. Hence, you can set the temperature according to your desire. For beginners, I would suggest somewhere between 310oF to 400o
  • Cleaning: It is better to clean the wax pen after each use. If you clean it after 4 to 5 uses, the wax may build up inside the atomizer, and it will become difficult for you to clean it. You can use a Q-tip, salt, or isopropyl to clean it.

Types of wax pens

There are three different types of wax pens available in the market: wickless, wicked, and flat.

  1. Wickless: Wickless wax pens utilize a wickless rod atomizer. These atomizers are used for solid wax concretes (higher viscosity). There are a variety of wickless atomizers available in the market, such as quartz rod single coil, quartz rod double coil, quartz rod triple coil, ceramic rod single coil, ceramic rod double coil, ceramic rod triple coil, etc.
  2. Wicked: Wicked atomizers are best for soft and liquidy wax oils. In such atomizers, a wicked fiber material is placed inside the heating coil. This material soaks up wax and oil to deliver a smooth and rich flavor.
  3. Flat: This atomizer is in the shape of a flat ceramic dish and doesn’t contain any coils or wicks. In these atomizers, wax melts very slowly as there is no direct connection with the heated coil. They are used by dabbers who prefer lower temperatures.

Wax pen vs. Vape pen

Both wax pens and vape pens are compact and small vaping options for those who travel a lot. At first sight, they may look similar; however, there are a lot of significant differences between them. One major difference between them is the type of concrete used. Most common concretes used in vape pens are live resigns, oils, juice, and distillates. On the other hand, a wax pen uses budder, shatter, rosin, oils, and many more. Another main difference between a wax pen and a vape pen is the type of heading mechanism. In wax pens, wax is heated through convection or hybrid heating, whereas vape pens usually employ conduction heating apparatus.

Wax pen vs. Dab pen

Dab pens are specially designed to deliver high dabbing intensity. They are not recommended for newbies as they require high tolerance. Another main difference between a wax pen and a dab pen is that wax pens usually come with a 510-thread connection between their components, while a dab pen has a heating chamber that is filled with concrete. The concretes used in the dab pens are almost the same as that of a wax pen. 

Final verdict

Wax pens are the most convenient way of enjoying concrete and botanical extracts. They are perfect for those who need to travel a lot and can't carry any heavy or large vape devices. New features such as variable voltage batteries, advanced atomizers, and improved body structure have made them more reliable, powerful, and attractive for vaping enthusiasts. If you are a beginner, then I would advise you to start with low ones until your body gets used to them.



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