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Voopoo has achieved significant progress in the last few years by introducing a series of vape devices of excellent quality. In particular, the Voopoo Drag series has been one of the most popular gadget series in the UK in recent months, and it has completely dominated the pod mod category.

These devices provide the most intense cloud sensations possible, and their explosions are very strong. The exterior design is constructed out of a substance similar to fine metal and living resin art. You will get the most one-of-a-kind DRAG experience possible with each pod in this series.

The VooPoo DRAG is one of the most intriguing mods available, and it comes packed with a lot of different features. The build quality is satisfactory, and it operates well enough, with assistance from a chip that is quite sensitive.

What's in the VooPoo DRAG kit

The VooPoo DRAG comes with packaging identical to that of any other traditional product packaging design, which is used by the vast majority of Chinese producers. The packaging is rectangular, and the company name and logo are printed on the front of the box. In addition to that, there is a concise explanation of the items included inside the box and some data on the VooPoo Company.

The mod is stored on a holder made of foam material within the box, and a micro USB charging wire is located below the holder. The device comes with pretty much everything found in today's most cutting-edge starter kits for mods. These components are all included. Because the device does not come with a tank, you cannot consider it an all-in-one design for the reason stated above.

Design and Construction

Eliminating the corners of the traditional box mod and making it more ergonomic is what the Drag achieves, but it does so without compromising the mod's rough appearance or feel. The gadget is a one-of-a-kind mid-sized one that measures 90 mm by 54 mm by 24 mm. Because of its traditional form and its straight lines, it gives the impression of having more width than it has. The traditional box mod form factor has a weight to it, and the use of metallic material lends it an authoritative air.

The zinc alloy body of the device has been given an unpainted finish to have the appearance of raw metal. On one side is a carbon fibre substance that gives the impression of being scratch-resistant. The door that allows you to install the twin -18650 battery holder is located on the other side of the mod. There is no doubt that the DRAG logo is prominently displayed on its front, even if the branding is a little misplaced.

Two big magnets hold the battery compartment in place, making it easy to remove and replace. Because of the tight grip provided by the magnets, it will not shake while you have it in your hands. A piece of plastic lining the inside of the compartment acts as a barrier between the metal and the battery, preventing the two from coming into touch. The battery trays include clear and concise markings that will assist you in positioning the batteries appropriately.

The VooPoo DRAG has a conventional button arrangement on its control panel. The "fire" button is situated directly above the LCD, and two adjustment buttons below the screen. There is a micro USB connector located at the bottom of the device. This connection may be used to charge the device as well as to download software updates. The buttons are constructed of metal, and when pushed, they make a pleasing clicking sound; nonetheless, they do not rattle in any way.

Battery And Charging

The VooPoo requires a total of two 18650 batteries, each of which must be purchased individually. Although the batteries may only power the gadget for a day or two, there are four different modes that you can choose from to control how efficiently it uses its power.

External charging of the batteries is required, and the chargers themselves are often included in the package. The provided USB connection is used almost exclusively to install software updates but is not used for charging reasons.

You have the ability to change the temperatures from the lowest possible watts up to 80 watts. The standard model ranges from 5 to 190 watts, whilst the more powerful super mode begins at 130-157W and is designed for super vapers. The temperature may be controlled well by using the adjustment buttons, which serve this purpose.


After going through the specifications of the VooPoo DRAG, the next step is to find out how the vaporizer works. If a pod has the ability to be customized, it is going to be highly appealing; yet, if its performance is terrible, the gadget is going to be worthless. The VooPoo DRAG pod is not one of those instances, to our great relief.

The device makes use of the Gene chip, and given the amount of capability it has, you should be wary of how much it is capable of doing. The chip is very astute, and it has found widespread use throughout the VooPoo product line.

The rate at which the gadget discharges is the primary performance characteristic to highlight. There are no delays associated with it. Simply pressing the fire button will cause the atomizer to begin heating up, at which point you will be able to see your juices being vaporized. This could be the quickest unit ever developed when compared to others.

Because the technology that tracks resistance is so advanced, whenever you connect a new atomizer to your device, it will inquire as to whether or not you have installed a new coil. If you insert the same coil you used before, the device will remember the prior wattage settings and utilize them. It will read the resistance of the new coil, and it will adapt itself appropriately if you use it.


  • The gadget has a 32-bit GENE chip.
  • The OLED screen is large.
  • A VooPoo DRAG resin design is available.
  • A beautiful carbon fibre inlay
  • It has overload protection.
  • Over-discharge prevention protects your battery


  • The batteries are sold individually.
  • The device does not include an atomizer.


I believe Voopoo's domination of the pod mod sector will be further solidified with this outstanding product. Several nice touches include Voopoo's inhale-to-vape and press-to-fill mechanisms and the divided, endless airflow. It's simple to operate and produces impressive vapours and clouds. Overall, this is a fantastic addition to the Voopoo Drag family.

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