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Currently, there has been an increased rate of vape users all over the United States. The markets producing and promoting the sales of these products have progressively expanded, also introducing some of the newest products. Nowadays, you will even find unique forms of vapers in efficient vape stores ready to sell some of the market's best products.

America is home to the most unique and splendid kinds of vape products. Over a thousand stores and shops have opened, readily selling to satisfy millions with the best vaping experience. If you are in Illinois and need to find an efficient store ready to give you this satisfaction, just continue reading.

Luckily, Illinois has one of the world's best stores selling high-quality vape products for excellent prices. You can be sure to find various products, including very efficient vape pens, tanks, and mods designed with sweet and juicy flavors. For this review, we will be exposing you to the top 10 of these excellent vape stores in Illinois. More specifically, we will be targeting Naperville in Illinois. If you stay close to Naperville, stay tuned!

1.   Chicago Clouds

Chicago Clouds

Located at 605 E Ogden, Ste A, Naperville, IL, Chicago Clouds is a mini store that provides top-quality CDB, glassvape, and exceptional e-juice vapes with a variety of devices. The store houses a lot of vape goodies, including disposables, coils, and high-quality kratom, for ridiculously amazing prices. When this company started in 2019, it started with very few products. But now, there are a ton more goodies.

On the bright side, they open their stores almost every day from 11 am to 6 pm. You can always buy your favorite products from Monday to Saturday at Chicago Clouds. Their staff is friendly, understanding, and ready to offer the best customer service. In addition, they accept credit cards, dogs, bike parking, and wheelchair buyers.

2.   Elixrz Vape Shop

Elixrz Vape Shop

Elixrz is another excellent vape shop in Naperville that features a unique selection of top-notch e-juice cigs with attractive flavors. The shop offers its best vaping products for some of the market's best prices for Illinois to enjoy. You can select and buy from many kinds of vape accessories and e-cigs in this prolific vape store. It is located at 55 S Commons Dr. Ste 108 Aurora, IL 60504.

If you genuinely love the vape lifestyle, Elixrz has got the best selections for everyone. The store opens from Monday to Sunday around 11 am to 7 pm. Only their Sundays have an opening time from 12 pm to 5 pm. For payments, you can use credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay to buy your goods. The store also has a private parking space, offers military discounts, and puts a sign allowing wheelchair users.

3.   Vape N Tobacco

Vape N Tobacco was established in 2010 at 1224 W Ogden Ave Ste E Naperville. The store provides an excellent selection of vape accessories, e-juice specials, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. They deliver top-quality supplies for meager prices. You can be sure to get the best deals from their entertaining and friendly customer service.

Moreover, the store accepts credit card payments and provides vehicle parking spaces for their esteemed customers. You can go to Vape N Tobacco anytime from 10:30 am to pm every day. It is an excellent place to purchase the best vape accessory for ridiculous prices.

4.   A Town Smoke Shop

A Town Smoke Shop

A Town Smoke Shop is another fantastic shop selling a competitive selection of smoking accessories with the best e-juice flavors. Additionally, they have a crew of friendly staff that takes you through a series of their premium products. They accept credit card payments and also tag their goods at the lowest prices. The shop is located at 4432 E Newyork St Aurora, IL, and opens from 10 am to 8 pm every day.

5.   U-Smoke Vape Shop

Another top-quality store for the best vape products in Naperville is U-Smoke Vape Shop. The shop is located at 931 E Ogden Ave Ste 103, Naperville, IL. They own some of the most sought vape juice, tobacco, e-cigarettes, disposables, hookah bars, glass pipes, and more on sale for very minimal prices.

Fortunately, the shop opens every day from 10 am to 10 pm to get premium deals on their quality products. As long as you are in Illinois, you can always get your smoking accessories at U-smoke shop almost anytime of the day.

6.   US Smoke Vape Shop

Us Smoke Vape Shop is a family-operated shop with many top-quality kratom shots and vape machines with some of the best smoking accessories. This pet-friendly store offers excellent price options, including discount prices on their goods. They open from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 8 pm during weekends.

You are also entitled to use credit cards for payments. To add to it, the store is very strict with the covid-19 mask requirements. So you will need to follow the protocol and wear masks. If you have decided, the shop is at 2952 Finley Rd Downers Grove, IL 60515.

7.   SmokeOvapor


If you are in for the newest premium e-juice in today's markets, SmokeOvapor is the right environment for you. The shop is located at 686 S Rt 59 Naperville, IL 60540 and operates with a customer-friendly staff ready to give the best selection of smoking products for unbeatable prices. The shop opens every day from 10 am to 11 pm except for weekdays when they happen from 11-8 pm.

8.   StrictlyVape

StrictlyVape is another vape shop located in Woodbridge with some of the most tasteful and quality vape products. You go to the store to get your smoking accessories from 12 pm to 8 am every day. It is located at 2019 W 75th Woodridge, IL 60517.

9.   Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary

Situated at 2740 W 75th St Naperville, IL 60564, Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary sells quality vape products. They have good customer service that opens from 10 am to 8 pm and accepts credit card payments. Customer reviews showed that this shop offers a private space for customers' vehicles.

10. DrLungzz Smoke Shop

Lastly, we have DrLungzz Smoke Shop. They are known for selling high-brand vape products and smoking accessories at the best market price. It is located at 2728 W 75th St Unit 114 Naperville in Illinois. Although they are very close to Sunnyside dispensary, their services are sparsely unique.

You can get the best vape products, e-cigs, disposables, Gas masks, Clear eyes, CHocolate, and many more flavored products. The shop opens from 10-10 pm on weekdays and 11-9 pm on weekends.


Presently, Illinois is home to a lot of vape shops ready to sell the market's best product. However, for various reasons, it may be challenging to find the right store for your smoking accessories. Thankfully we have furnished this review with top 10 of the best vape shops in Naperville, Illinois. If you stay close to this environment, find the right store to get the best deal on your vape purchases.


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