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Kure Vape has a fantastic assortment of vapes and other accessories. It also has a professional customer service department that many people have used. You may browse for a variety of vaping products at Kure Vape, including batteries, pods, hardware, and more. With different supplies of top-quality vapes at competitive costs, this one-stop-shop can suit the needs of all vapers. Kure, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, produces some of the most popular vape goods available.


What Are Kure Vapes Main Products?

Mythology Centaur 4-in-1 Pod System, Juno Pods, SMOK Nord Kit, and more goods are among Kure Vapes' many offerings. The Geekvape Aegis Boost replacement Coils 5PK, Vaporesso Luke, and others are among the others.

Vaporesso Luxe Q

Luxe G is the company's newest pod system, which is offered at Kure. Vaporesso is one of the greatest vape product makers, and there is a large deal on Kure Vape. The Luxe Q has a streamlined body design that emphasizes the product's simplicity of use and portability.


The Luxe Q pod system's internal battery is 1000mAh, and the pods have a capacity of 2ml. The coils integrated into the pods prevent you from replacing them in this typical pod arrangement.

Why choose Vaporesso?

At Kure Vape, the Luxe Q is a big seller. The build quality and design are excellent.


The Luxe Q pod system features a stick form and a footprint that is similar to that of numerous tiny pod systems. It is slightly smaller than Caliburn G, measuring 91.85mm by 26mm by 16.5mm. It is, however, wider and thicker. It all depends on the desired shape.


Although the Luxe Q is small, it has a sturdy feel to it when held, which appeals to many vapers. It's well-made to withstand everyday use, and it comes with a body that has a "leather texture." This gives the pod system a leathery appearance that most vapors find appealing. The anti-smudge substance feels like hard plastic and keeps fingerprints off the panels.

Kure's best-selling pod system is available in a variety of colors. Except for the brown and black variants, which have gunmetal frames, they all have silver frames. The device has no buttons; however, it does feature a visible LED battery indicator at the top.

Using the Luxe Q pod system for the first time.

The Luxe Q, as previously said, is a simple-to-use vape gadget. This device appears to be simple due to the lack of buttons and other functionality. A decent vape device for beginners is one that allows you to feel and start vaping simply.


You can only control the airflow with Vaporesso Luxe Q. This is entirely dependent on the pod's orientation. On one side, the draw is tighter, while on the other, the draw is looser. The Pod latches into place properly and pops in and out of the gadget with ease.


Holding the pod by the sides and pulling it out is how you remove it. To replace it, push it in until you hear a click. The Luxe Q is a best-selling vape gadget on Kure due to its ease of use and adaptability.


The pods could be refilled in the same way that the Vaporesso Luxe PM40 can. A push-back on a mouthpiece is all that is required to remove the pod. It pops off to reveal a wide fill hole that can accommodate any fine nozzle bottle.


A little air hole on the opposite side of the device lets air out and allows for easy filling. It is no need to tilt it to observe the juice level because it is readily visible when it is low.

The Kure Vape performance


The coils of the Vaporesso Luxe Q are exceptional, encased in the pod, and incompatible with other Vaporesso devices. There are two pod variants available. The 1.2 Ohm mesh pod and the 0.8 Ohm mesh pod and the are available. The two pods give you a good MTL vape, not too tight or too loose. It has a long coil life and is an excellent pod with few complaints.

Charging/Battery Life

Depending on your pod and vaping habits you choose, the Luxe Q's battery life may vary. The Luxe Q comes with a 1000mAh battery built-in. It features a 1A charging rate and requires 60 minutes to charge through USB C.

Advantages of Kure Vape

  • High-quality construction
  • Study and lightweight
  • Portable and small
  • It's simple to use and refill
  • A wide range of color options
  • Two pods were present.
  • Excellent battery life

Best Seller on Kure Vape: Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit

Because of its ability to provide vapors with an unprecedented personalized vaping experience, this unique vape has seen the most sales on Kure Vape. It uses MESH pods that are well-structured and have an adjustable airflow control mechanism. It appeals to vapors because of its capacity to maximize flavorand nicotine enjoyment.


The 800mAh battery power capacity of the XROS Pod kit is incorporated within the small chassis. It's made of traditional stainless steel. The device starts a Type-C quick charge, which takes 45 minutes to complete.


You can refill one hand, and the visible pod ensures a better vaping experience. A dual-firing system allows you to choose between auto-draw and press-to-fire. This device is available in a variety of colors. Blue, matte grey, sky blue, silver, rose pink, and rainbow is some of the options.

Specifications of Kure Vape

  • It is well-constructed.
  • It just absorbs 45 minutes to charge the battery fully.
  • With just one hand, you can effortlessly replace the
  • Because of its thin design, it is extremely portable.
  • The dual-firing system is present.
  • The transparent pod allows you to monitor the e-liquid level readily.
  • Mesh coils are well-developed.
  • The airflow can be adjusted.
  • It has a small footprint.
  • A dual-firing mechanism is included.
  • It has an 800mAh battery capacity built-in

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