WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Kangvape is one of the most popular disposable vape varieties, infused with a pre-filled salt nicotine vape system that is compact and convenient. The formula lasts for about 1900–3000 puffs, and is equipped with a super powerful 1100 mAh battery for ultimate support! The vape juice tank contains about 6.2-7 ml of salt nic juice, which is about 5% nicotine. The affordable and budget friendly brand is a home to some of the most delicious nic juice flavors, which we would be exploring below!

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Best Flavors Available In Kangvape

Banana Ice: Enjoy a sensual taste of frozen bananas, merged with a mentholated ecstasy, that is classic and one of a kind.


Energy Drink: This flavor packs a powerful punch of the popular energy drink, monster energy.


Melon Ice: Indulge in a sweet and refreshing taste of melon, along with the fresh sensation of menthol. Each puff hits your tongue with the bursting melon flavor, while the menthol creates an icy experience, which feels like the summer breeze.


Blueberry Lemon: This flavor captures the tangy notes of lemons, along with a medley of sweet bursting blueberries, and a touch of refreshing menthol that is a pure delight to your senses.


Blue Razz Ice: This delicious flavor features a blend of Tangy blue raspberry,with a dash of cool menthol.


Banana Strawberry Ice: Get a delicious puff of fresh strawberries, with an antidote of menthol and banana, in a nicotine salt blend.


Strawberry Ice: Nothing can go wrong with the sweet and tart notes of strawberry, mixed with icy menthol to create a blast of frozen goodness!


Cool Mint: Capture the senses of the Arctic breeze, with this sensual and delicious cool mint e- juice!


Peach Ice: If you are a fan of menthol and peach iced tea, then you will be in love with this flavor. A flavourful, and a romantic blend of fresh juicy peaches, along with a lush and refreshing mix of menthol, is a treat to your senses.


Tuity Fruity: Swim across a tropical blend of zesty oranges, sweet apples, tart pineapples, and tangy passion fruit swirled together, for a beachy vibe!


Vintage Grape Ice: Crisp and sweet experience of freshly picked juicy grapes, along with a blast of ice-cold menthol is simply one of the best.


How Do You Pick The Right Vape Juice?


Flavor: One of the top things to consider when choosing a vape juice is the flavor. Be it for veteran users or beginners, the sweet and fruity flavors like strawberry or mango, create a sensual experience. If you want a refreshing feel, you can also choose flavors that are infused with ice or menthol.


Percentage of nicotine: Another main feature that accentuates a person's vaping experience is the nicotine percentage in the formula. The safest quantity of nicotine in vape juice is 3MG to 6MG! If you’re going for a formula stronger than that, it can have a bad effect on your throat.


Things To Consider When Selecting A Disposable Vape Pen?


  1. Size: The form as well as the size of the vape pen, are already compact and comfy to hold. They are lightweight, making them perfect for traveling with. Also, the regular size is a convenient enough size, but if you are looking for a vape that is discreet, choosing smaller versions than the standard size is better.


  1. Liquid: E-liquid comes in a variety of sizes and flavors, each with its own advantages and applications. Before you buy a pre-filled pod, make sure that you know the content and the flavor type inside. If you’re looking to buy Kangvape pens, going through the flavor profile from the list above, can help you decide on what is best for you.


  1. Quality: choosing a quality vape ensures smooth, better tasting and long-lasting vaping experience! Keep in check that the overall taste, as well as the inner material quality is optimal.


  1. Coil: The most essential part of selecting a disposable vape, Is examining and selecting the type of oil. The coils play a huge impact on the taste of the cloud. There are three main types of coils used in vape devices - quartz, wick & ceramic! Out of these three, ceramic are the best choice, and are used in top quality and high-end disposable vapes.


How To Use A Disposable Vape?

Here are simple steps, on how to use a disposable vape pen:


Step 1: First carefully remove the disposable pen from the packaging.

Step 2: If the disposable pen seems to have a button, click it once to turn it on. You can skip this step if there is no button in your disposable pen.

Step 3: Slowly inhale the smoke through the mouth piece. In case your disposable pen does not have a button, the light on the device will light up once you inhale.

Step 4: Make sure to take small draws in case you’re new to vaping. This allows you to check the consistency of the vapor, so you do not overwhelm yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What Is Salt Nicotine?

Nicotine salt or salt nicotine is a nicotine base which is combined with multiple acids. This process reduces the throat hit even with the highest concentration of nicotine! Nicotine salts are naturally available in tobacco, thus incorporating this with vape juice, gives you a much similar feel with lesser complications.


  1. Can you create big clouds with disposable vape?

Disposable vape models are not designed to create large clouds. Larger clouds are only formed while using a vape with a large coil and higher wattage. As the disposable vape is a temporary device, the wattage and vape coil quality is quite low, so you get an adequate amount of cloud but not huge ones!


  1. What is the best selling flavor in Kangvape?

The banana ice flavor is one of the best selling flavors in Kangvape! It has a unique custard like flavor, forming a medley with sweet bananas in a post of refreshing menthol.

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