WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Juul Pods are simple, lightweight, slim vape devices that employ prefilled disposable pods. They are suitable for both beginners as well as mature vape users. At the time of their release, they were one of the most modern pod devices in the market with advanced features.

Juul Pods are not like other open tank devices where e-liquid, atomizer, and mod are chosen separately, which complicates their usage. They are closed pod vapes, i.e., you can only use the e-juice pods developed by their own company, and no other tanks fit on this device. The battery is pre-fitted in the e-cigarette; you just need to fit the pod tank that contains e-juice and start vaping. 


Pros and Cons:


  • The small size makes it pocket friendly; hence you easily carry it anywhere with you.
  • The MTL draw is quite comfortable and resembles a cigarette
  • You can recharge it
  • There is an advanced temperature control system to prevent dry hits


  • The nicotine percentage is a bit high for those who prefer low-nicotine e-cigarettes.
  • Juul can only utilize their company’s pods

What’s included in the package?


They come in a white colored box that contains all the necessary information about their usage, flavor, charger, nicotine strength, and a warning about the addiction to nicotine. When you open the box, you get the following:

  • 1 × Juul e-cigarette
  • 4 × Disposable Pods (0.7 ml each)
  • 1 × USB charger (magnetic)
  • 1 × User guide
  • 1 × Two-year warranty of e-cigarette device

You can also buy just an e-cigarette, or if your pods are finished and you still own a Juul device, then you can buy a pack of pods separately too.

Device style

At first glance, the Juul pod seems like a long USB stick instead of a vaping device. The cap is perfectly designed to merge seamlessly with its battery case. There is a diamond-like window to monitor the amount of e-juice left. The overall size of this device is not very big; it can easily fit into your pocket while traveling. Also, it weighs only thirteen grams when the pod is full. Therefore, you can easily hold it with your lips like a cigarette. Moreover, there are no buttons to activate it, just take the draw and enjoy your flavor.


Juul Pod's battery is made of aluminum, and the pods are made of plastic material. Also, there is small LED light on it where you can monitor the amount of charge left. All you have to do is to press it two times, and it will start flashing in red, yellow, or green color. The red shows that the battery is running out soon, yellow means almost half left, while green shows a fully charged battery. The overall design has been kept the same since its 3rd edition; however, the interior has evolved a lot.


There is a saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover," and I think it perfectly sits for Juul pods. Don’t judge them by their small size, as their performance is fairly big. As soon as I took its first draw, I was quite fascinated with the bounteous vapors and sterling flavor.

The starter kit comes with four prefilled pods, each containing 0.7 ml e-juice. When I first read 0.7 ml on the box, I was disappointed as it I puff at-least six ml of e-liquid in a day. I was surprised when I started vaping it, as the device utilizes a very small amount of vape juice in each puff, and consequently, the e-liquid was enough for more than two days. But still, it doesn't affect the richness of flavor and quality of the hit on the throat. The presence of nicotine salts makes them so strong that you start feeling full after 7 to 8 draws.

The battery capacity of a Juul pod is 200 mAh which seems a bit low, but as the device is rechargeable, we don’t need to worry about it. Moreover, it is temperature controlled, so it doesn’t utilize a lot of power.

Extraordinary Flavors

Juul Pod Flavors

Juul pods have limited flavor options, and almost all of them are traditional and fruity. I tried three of them, which are:

  • Apple orchard

The first flavor I tried was apple orchard. When I first saw it in the shop, I got curious about it as most vape companies have mango, banana, or berries in their fruity flavor selection. Apple orchard is a very rare option, so I decided to give it a try. It gives you a fresh crisp of apples in the start, but there is a deep tobacco hit too.  

  • Golden Tobacco

This flavor is quite bold and woodsy. It has a natural, rich taste of roasted, amber tobacco leaves. The throat hit is not very strong; it feels very light and silky when you inhale it.

  • Glacier mint

The third one that I tried was glacier mint, as I am a big fan of cool and icy flavors in vapes. I would say this one was not that harsh, actually. There was a sweet inhale of cool mint that smoothly melted into palate cleansing and refreshing exhale afterward. The good thing was that it didn't feel as sticky as some other menthol vapes are.

Due to some recent restrictions imposed by FDA, Juul has stopped its fruity flavors, and only tobacco and menthol flavors are available in retail stores now.

Final verdict

Juul Pods are good for both beginners and existing vape users. If a person has recently switched to e-cigarettes from smoking, he would like to have a vape that is easy to use and does not require any maintenance. Also, the high nicotine concentration and mouth-to-lung hit will give him the feeling of a standard cigarette. 

For mature vape users, it will be easy to carry in their pockets while traveling. Also, its style and sturdy body will be another allurement. As I have tried them myself, I can confidently say that this device has been developed and designed with a lot of hard work and time. Maybe that's why it is still competing with many other newly launched pods in the market.


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