WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Trying to kick a smoking habit? Vapes can be used as a solution to make a safe transition, one step at a time. Vaping gives you a delightful experience with its wider range of flavors and is much safer compared to cigarettes. However, they can be quite as addictive. With vapes, you are exposed to fewer toxic chemicals. If blue raspberry is your favorite candy flavor, you are in for a treat with the Blue Razz Ice Hyde vape! A small and compact Hyde pod is just perfect to carry around.

Hyde Edge Blue Razz Ice

What is Hyde Edge Blue Razz Ice?

Blue Razz Ice Edge is most popular Hyde’s rechargeable disposable vape pod. The 3300 puff device with Blue Razz Ice vape juice is a unique flavor of sweet blue raspberries. It is one of the top-selling, award-winning flavors that simply makes you wildly addictive! The raspberries are crushed over ice and infused into the vapes to give you the signature twist of frozen, sweet berries with every puff.


What is vape juice?

Vape juice is the liquid that is infused into e-cigarettes. It is also commonly referred to as e-juice. They are made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, flavoring ingredients, and other chemicals. The cape juice is added into a battery-powered e-cigarette that heats up the liquid, giving out aerosols that are inhaled into the lungs.


How to choose a vape juice?

There are several brands in the market selling vape juices in different flavors and qualities. It can be quite overwhelming to make the right choice with the spectrum of options available before you. Here is a guide that will make shopping for vape juice a fun experience.


  1. Flavor

The flavor of vape juice is one of the top things to consider. This is especially true for both beginners and veteran users. The sweet fruity flavors like mango and strawberries in vape juices take you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane. While the cooling aromas of menthol leave you refreshed and hooked for more!


  1. Nicotine percentage

The amount of nicotine present in the vape juice determines one’s vaping experience. It is crucial to choose a vape juice with the nicotine percentage that you are accustomed to. The safe quantity is between 3mg to 6mg. Anything beyond this range has a stronger effect on your throat.


Avoid vaping salt nicotine from sub-ohm or high wattage devices. This is because it is used in much higher concentrations. 


  1. Bottle size

Vape juice comes in bottles of different shapes and sizes. The 30ml and 60ml bottles are the most widely available ones in the market. On occasion, one might also find it coming in the 10ml bottles. The bottles are of the PET squeeze or glass nozzled ones.


The e-juice that comes in glass bottles is more expensive and gives it a premium look and feel. The PET squeeze bottles are more convenient to handle and fill your vape tanks with their narrow nose design and lightweight. Moreover, they are mess-free and don't leak out vape juice.


  1. Powered device capacity

Vape devices that are high-powered or sub-ohm make your e-liquid evaporate quickly. In contrast, the low-powered ones have a higher resistance that lets you puff leisurely without guzzling through the cartridge in no time.


What makes Blue Razz ice so popular?

The Blue Razz Ice is a favorite amongst vape lovers with its cooling vape of blue raspberries that awakens your senses. But what is it about this flavor that makes you feel good yet leaves you with a bizarre blue tongue?


Not many of us are aware that in the freezing arctic tundra environment grows some of the long-forgotten raspberries. They withstand the chilly environment and ripen to a deep shade of blue.


These berries are handpicked from the brambles and whisked away to the factories that make the vapes. They are whirled together and crushed over ice to create a sweet, chilly, and earthy aroma.


Highly skilled taffy pullers at the factory then stretch out sticky taffy in a vat and to this, the raspberry juice is added. A touch of light menthol ice gives the vape liquid a signature twist that makes you feel delightfully refreshed all day. Every puff is filled with snowy, sweet blue raspberries and a chewy taffy flavor.


What makes it special and one of the most sought-after flavors is its creamy, sweet mellow aroma. It is a vape with a classic mouthwatering flavor that you won't get tired of quickly.


With every inhalation, you get a whiff of the blue raspberry candy flavor. A tartness washes over at first and then the sweetness of the raspberries takes over your taste buds.


The undernotes of the e-liquid are stretched smooth and this lets you savor it on the tip of your tongue long after! The Blue Razz Ice is a popular summertime vape as the menthol kicks in and cools you down. The rejuvenating flavor makes it enjoyable at all times of the day.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Blue Razz ice flavor?

The Blue Razz Ice flavor is a blend of blue raspberries, ice menthol, and chewy taffy. It is characterized by its sweet, mellow, and creamy undertones with a touch of menthol that keeps you refreshed for longer.


  1. What is in Blue Razz ice Hyde vape?

The Blue Razz Ice vape comprises the following ingredients:

  • 5% Synthetic Nicotine
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Natural flavors
  • Artificial flavors



  1. How much nicotine is in a Blue Razz ice Onee stick?

The Blue Razz Ice Onee stick has 5% (50 mg) nicotine in it.


  1. What is Onee stick Blue Razz ice?

The Onee stick Blue Razz Ice is a pre-filled vape that contains salt nicotine. The vape is disposable, lightweight, portable, and convenient to handle. The outer cartridge is compact and runs on a powerful 1200mAh battery. It is capable of delivering 2000 puffs and comes with 5% nicotine. The vape stick is draw-activated and holds about 6.2 ml of e-liquid per device.


  1. Does Blue Razz ice have nicotine?

Yes, the Blue Razz Ice contains about 5% which is approximately 50mg of nicotine in each of its vaping devices.


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