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The Vaping market is increasing day by day as people become more aware of such devices. Instead of smoking cigarettes, vapes are less harmful and have many flavors. If you are searching for a new vaping device for your day-to-day needs, then Renova Zero Pod System is one of the best ones on the market.

Renova Zero Pod

The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod review will give you in-depth information about this system. We will also discuss the working procedure of this device along with the list of its specifications and features.


Renova Zero Pod System: What’s good?

Since the market is full of different vaping systems, the Renova Zero Pod system has something unique to serve its consumers. Starting from its elegant and tough design to variable voltage control, the system is designed to serve the best vaping experience to its consumers.


Easy-to-use Device

The Renova Zero Pods is a unique one-button device. Yes, only one button on the device controls the entire device. The user-friendly interface of this device makes it a good choice even for beginners.

Renova Zero Pod black

The user's safety is also essential when using the vaping device. The device comes with an automatic temperature control feature that maintains the device's temperature. There is no need to change the power setting of the device as it controls the temperature on its own.

The device features a micro-USB port on the bottom side. You will get a micro-USB cable to recharge the device. Just plug in the device and recharge it. Isn’t it easy? 


Design and Build Quality

The reason why everyone likes Renova Zero Pods is its design. It comes with a unique portable design handy enough to give you the best vaping experience. The design features an indicator light, voltage control, and many other features.

Renova Zero Pod Design


The device is made of zinc alloy, and it comes in different color options. The device looks stunning and gives you premium looks. It features a detachable pod and a refillable pod. The device is draw-activated which most standard vaping device uses. It’s easy to use and comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging cable.


Performance and Battery Life


The thinner design of this pod system is unique. It comes with a higher battery capacity than the ordinary pod-style vapers present in the market. It features a 650 mAh battery. The capacity of the battery depends upon many factors.

Performance-wise, the Renova Zero Pod system lasts longer than the Juul vapes and other popular portable vaping systems. The built-in battery of this device takes up to 45 minutes to fully charge. Interestingly, you can still use this device while it is charging.

If you use the vaping device casually, then the device's battery lasts for weeks. Yes, there is no need to recharge the battery of the device every single day as it depends upon how long you are using it. If you use it more frequently, you will have to recharge its battery regularly.


Variable Voltage Control

The device comes with a variable voltage control feature. There are three different types of voltage control, preprogrammed voltage settings, available for different types of users.

The voltage Control feature is unique as it requires you just to press the voltage control button multiple times to change its frequency or we can say the pre-program of the device.


The Indicator Light

An indicator light is also present on the device to indicate to you the different functions you are currently using on the device. The indicator light flashes different colors for indication.

Renova Zero Pod The Indicator Light


Refillable Vape Mods


The vaping mods of the device are refillable ones. You can detach and remove them from the device to refill and start using it again. If you like to taste e-juices from different companies, then you can use them with this device. Just remove the refillable pods of the system and refill them with the e-juice you want to try.


The popular vaping devices come with non-refillable pods. You have to replace the existing pods with the new ones. However, the Renova Zero Pods are refillable which offers more flexibility.




The device uses 1.0-ohm CCELL ceramic coils. The coils are made from ceramic materials to withstand the excessive heat generated by this pod-style vaping system. The heating feature on the coils offers a long-lasting, flavorful vaping experience. The device is compatible with high-nicotine juices and other e-juices available.


How do the Renova Zero Pods work?


The Renova Zero Pods come with an easy-to-use interface which makes it a good fit for all types of users. It is powerful and comes with the flexibility to give you the best vaping experience.

The 650 mAh of battery makes the device more powerful. You need not carry a charger with you as the battery lasts for the entire day. You can even keep the battery alive for weeks, depending on how you use it.


Renova Zero Pod pacakge

Just press the power button to turn on the vaping device and start smoking. It’s super easy to use. To change the device's voltage, just press the power button multiple times. The indicator light indicates the battery level. It flashes different colors, which makes the device more user-friendly.

Renova Zero Pods: Pros and Cons




  • Tough build-quality
  • The handy and portable device
  • Ceramic CCELL Coils
  • Built-in safety features
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Intelligent OMNI Board Mini
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Three preprogrammed voltage control




  • The 650mAh battery is not good enough for those who use the device throughout the day.


Renova Zero Pods vape shop near me



Is it worth it?


The Renova Zero Pods is a good fit for beginner users as it comes with a user-friendly interface and packs safety features. A pro-vaper can also use this device as it is portable and comes with a long-lasting battery.

Since the device features an intelligent OMNI Board Mini, it is the most advanced device on the market. The draw-activated vaping device is easy-to-use and gives you full flexibility to use it the way you want.

The Renova Zero Pods also receive good feedback from its consumers as there are no cons reports except the small battery capacity for pro-vapers. It will not disappoint you, for sure!



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