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Chinese Manufacturers are globally popular when it comes to electric cigarettes. Nowadays, smokers prefer to use e-cigarettes as they are more convenient and less harmful.

If you are searching for the right vape product to make your companion, Smok Alien 220W should be your perfect match. Everything you need to know about Smok Alien Vape Kie is given in this article.

Smok Alien Vape Kie


What is Smok Alien?


Smok Alien Kit is the popular edition from the popular Chinese Manufacturer Smok or Smoktech. The company is known for putting new products on the market every month to create a fanbase. Smoktech has a range of electric vapes for smokers who love to smoke but don’t want to harm their organs. The Smok Alien Kit is a unique product in this range.


What’s inside the Smok Alien Kit?


The Smok Alien Kit is packed in a standard Smok Packaging with a cardboard box. The package contains the complete Smok Alien Vape device kit, including the Alien 220W box mod, the TFV8 baby tank, a spare glass tube, a USB cable for the mod, two baby beats coil heads a bag of spare o-rings, etc.


Smok Alien Kit package

Besides this, the package also contains a user manual to get started with this device. There are beginner smokers who are completely unaware of using the vape device. They can learn to set up the device and begin smoking puffs right from the Smok Alien device by following the information given in the user manual.



Smok Alien Kit Review


1.   Appearance


The Smok Alien Kit contains all the essential parts to make the Smok Alien Mod the best vape device on the market. The Smok Alien Mod looks like a traditional small whisky bottle shape design with a tip on the top if we talk about the looks.


The device features a zinc alloy case colored in a matte finish design. It looks like a unique device compared to other vaporizers present in the market. It feels extra premium with its long-lasting materials and matte black finish.

2.   Unique Features

Unlike the other vape devices, the Smok Alien Mod comes with a set of unique features which make this device stand in a different place in the market. A unique firing bar feature is present on the device, unlike the standard power button, which is integrated within the design of the mod that doesn’t look odd. It also helps to prevent the mod from accidental firing.


unique features

Besides this, there is an extra-large OLED screen present on the device. The display shows all the useful information to check the wattage or power of the vape, the current vaping mode, the internal temperature of the device, a puff timer, a puff counter, etc.


The display shows how many puffs you smoked and the puffs' capacity. The display is not unique as other vapes also feature the same display, but they don’t provide detailed information like the Smok Alien Mod.

3.   Quick Adjustment


The device also features two quick adjustment buttons underneath the display. The availability of the micro-USB port lets you upgrade the device whenever the company releases a new update. You have to use an external battery charger to recharge your battery as the built-in port will not let you recharge the battery.


The first button lets you control the wattage or the device's temperature. It also controls the firing bar so that you can take complete control of the device without accidental fires.

How to Access the Main Menu of the Smok Alien Mod?


The large OLED display on the device features a variety of valuable options. To access the main menu of the Alien 220W mod, you just need to press the firing bar three times. You can use the firing bar button to change the options by pressing the button once.

all colors

Moreover, if you want to go to the sub-menu from the main menu, just press and hold the firing bar for a second or two. The sub-menu will be opened on display, and you can select an appropriate item from there by pressing the firing bar.



What are the different Vaping Modes present on the Smok Alien 220W?


The Smok Alien 220W features three different types of smoking modes or vaping modes. The users can control the vaping effect by selecting the available smoking modes from soft, normal, and hard. If you are a chain smoker, then the hard mode is preferable. For newbies, a soft mode of the device is good enough.


In the soft mode i.e. the first mode for newbies and casual smokers, the mod fires at 10% lesser wattage. Things are entirely different for hard mode. The hard mode fires at 10% higher wattage, producing more smoke.


Besides this, there is a temperature control mode also present on display. You can choose from three different coil materials to choose from.

Smok Alien 220W Vs. Smok Alien Mini


The Smoktech company has a range of products for smokers. We are reviewing here the popular edition, i.e. Smok Alien 220W, which is bigger and better. However, one more device in their bucket called Smok Alien Mini, a mini version of the original 220W mod. Let’s compare these two products of Smoktech and decide which one is good for you.

Smok Alien 220W

Smok Alien 220W is a powerful vaper for those who want to produce bigger clouds of smoke. Yes, this device is quite famous for producing extra smoke. What makes the Smok Alien 220W device a popular choice for professional users is the control. The device comes with better control to manage the wattage, the smoking effects through modes, etc. You will not see such features in any other editions of the brand.

Why should you buy the Smok Alien 220W?


The Smok Alien 220W device is there for the users who need extra-long battery life and bigger clouds of smoke. The smoke production of this device is massive, and everyone likes it. It offers a high wattage of vaping, making this device a top-rated vaper.

Smok Alien Mini


Later, the company released a mini version of the original Smok Alien 220W with Smok Alie Mini, i.e. Smok Alien AL85. This device was launched for casual users and not for professionals. However, both can use this device to change their moods.



If you need a handy and small-sized vaper, Smok Alien Mini is the right choice. It comes with an easy power management option and good battery life to keep the device alive for a longer period.

Why should you buy Smok Alien Mini?

Smok Alien Mini

Smok Alien Mini is there for casual smokers who need a modest vaping experience with limited smoke around. The device's compact design makes this Aline Mini device so popular among the young generation.



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