WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Not all vaping products provide compelling throat hits to vapers when vaping. However, the MRKT PLCE comes in handy as a unique product that works perfectly.

MRKT PLACE e-juice

Therefore, if you’re longing for a new liquid and are reluctant to take a bold move into vaping, you may need to try out MRKT PLCE.

And so, to help you make use of this product and have a refreshing vaping experience as an active or beginner vaper, we at Aldvapor provide you with a resourceful post with everything you need to know about this product.


This product is popular for its outstanding flavour. The vape comes within the vape market. In simple terms, MRKT PLCE is designed with premium quality, providing vapers with satisfying throat hits throughout the day.

Similarly, the vape juices in this device are not unique in their flavor but also delicious. Also, this product has a rare mix of flavors that make the most suitable tropical vape juice.

MRKT PLCE is designed with nic salt juices in 4.8% nicotine and 2.4% nicotine strengths. On top of this, you’ll find a low-wattage device or a refillable pod mod.

Therefore, you can explore a wide variety of MRKT PLCE flavors at Aldvapor shop at your convenience.

Categories of MRKT PLCE Vape Products

This product comes with many sweet and tasty vape juices featured in different MRKT PLCE vape products. There is a collection of e-liquid you are presented with as an active vaper to select for your vaping experience.

Therefore, since different vapers prefer certain types of vape juices, our experts have designed this product in various categories to meet the demand of all vapers.

Thus, if you want to start vaping, you may consider the following genres with different flavours combinations.


This product contains nicotine strength of 3mg, 0mg, 24mg & 48mg Salt Nic and 6mg freebase nicotine.


Similarly, it has a bottle size of 30ml Salt Nic & 100ml freebase nicotine, perfect enough to satisfy you for nearly every day. One of the best features this product comes with is the myriad of flavors.

Some of the available flavors featured in this product include Lemon Biscotti and Strawberry Biscotti.


If you love all flavors in ice variants, look for no other vaping product but THE STND.


Going by this category as an active vapour will expose you to different types of flavors to make your vaping experience fantastic. Therefore, some of the available flavors in this product include;

  • Pink Punchberry
  • Blue Punchberry

Additionally, another salient feature to note in this product is the bottle size which measures: 30ml Salt Nic & 100ml freebase nicotine.

It has a nicotine strength of 6mg freebase, 3mg, 24mg & 48mg Salt Nic and 0mg.

#3 MRKTPLCE e-liquid

This product is a bit unique in terms of the available flavors in the vape product. You'll be spoilt for choices by buying this product since it has many flavors.

Also, all flavors in this product are available in ice variants and include Pineapple Peach Dragonberry, Fuji Pear Mangoberry, Brazberry Grape Acai, Blood Orange Tangoberry, and Watermelon Hulaberry Lime.

Like the above products, it also has a nicotine strength of 0mg, 6mg freebase, 24mg & 48mg Salt Nic and 3mg. Additionally, another identifying factor with this product is the bottle size which is 30ml Salt Nic & 100ml freebase nicotine.


One of the big components featured in this vape product is the nic salts, which greatly enhance the convenience of vaping using this product.

Therefore, the nic salt comes with a fruit-inspired combination of vape juice flavors. This plays a big role in offering exquisite vaping flavors in the vape industry.

Similarly, every flavor in this product is developed with a fruity medley, giving you options to choose from tropical to exotic.

Some of the popular and in-demand nic salt flavors include Pineapple Peach Dragonberry, Fuji Pear Mangoberry, and Watermelon Hula Berry Lime. You might also get these flavours in ICED (menthol) versions.

Advantages of MRKT PLCE Vape Juice

When you start to vape, one of the important components you'll consider in this product is the type of vape juice used.

Nonetheless, you may not be aware of the pros associated with MRKT PLCE vape juice. If you want to embrace MRKT PLCE for vaping, you must understand the benefits of vape juice featured in this product.

Let’s discuss them;

#1 Affordable, Low Cost

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-liquid tends to be cheap and more affordable. Similarly, vape juice can last for almost two to three weeks, while a pack of tobacco takes only a few days, and it's done.

Therefore, subscribing to MRKT PLCE e-liquid might be efficient and saves you the hassles of buying packs of cigarettes after two to three days.

#2 No Harmful Toxins

Generally, when e-liquid is vaped, usually, there are no harmful toxins linked to the product compared to smoking cigarettes.

Additionally, this implies that there is no tar in the vape juice that might lead to any unnecessary harm to your body. Similarly, none of these harmful substances, such as lead or arsenic, are found in e-liquid.

And so, enrolling on the use of e-liquid products exposes you to little or less harm, unlike when smoking a traditional cigarette.

#3 MRKT PLCE doesn’t produce much odor

When e-liquid is vaporized, its content doesn't produce much odor in the surrounding. The only fragrance you'll smell comes from the flavors featured in the product.

Therefore, this added advantage of vape juice permits you to vape anywhere you want without restrictions. Nonetheless, when someone is smoking tobacco, you can smell it even when you’re some distance away.

You can't smoke cigarettes discreetly, unlike vaping MRKT PLCE e-liquid.



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