WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Vaping is a splendid experience that takes you away from the detrimental after effects of smoking. It provides the same ‘woke’ effect and people also prefer to go with variants that don’t accommodate Nicotine. That being said, the whole vaping experience depends on the tools and devices used to aid in the process. Here’s a brick and mortar store from Georgia that has been grabbing eyeballs for all the right reasons.


Walk into Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co.

cloud 9 smok and vape shop

Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. is the best store to get products that range from CBD, e-liquids to daab rigs, vaporizers and coils. You name it and the store will present you with the highest quality products that are manufactured by leading companies. The brick and Mortar store is one of the largest establishments in Georgia and received several accolades for being prompt, on-time and providing the best user experience. They are never tired of guiding you, clearing your doubts or providing the knowledge required to enter the world of vaping.

The one thing that makes Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. unique is their ability to stay on their feet, always have stock of the branded products and of course, their smiles and hospitality.

Products you will find on Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co.

 There are a plethora of options to choose from, even within diverse categories that the shop makes available for the buyers. You can get dab rigs, CBD products, smoke pipes, water and hand pipes among others. The quality is something they do not compromise on. To give you an idea as to what you will find there, we are listing some of the products that they sell.



Water pipes transformed the world of tobacco smoking forever. In stead of going for the traditional smoking sticks, you will have the nicotine generously spread over water and you smoke it through the fluid. Here are options you will find on Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co.


DTHC’s Twist Neck

DTHC’s Twist Neck

The best part is the bent neck design, that is available in 6 to 7 colours. You can easily access the contents within, reduced processing time and most importantly, it becomes highly portable. The pipe has a mere 7 inch height that won’t pose as a problem while travelling. The smoke is processed in less than 30 seconds and when it lands on your tongue, it is going to be lucid and mesmerising.


Gambino Bee

Gambino Bee

Though not as bent as the Twist neck, this one has a subtle send that is enough to send the smoke continuously in a smooth manner. It looks beautiful and you can use it for processing dry herbs as well.




You can say ‘Hey’ to vaping once you get a hold on the dab rigs. Unlike smoking tobacco after burning it, you can enter the e-liquid concentrate into a pre-heated rig and the smoke that comes out is lumpsome and beautiful! Cannabis users will also find a great deal of comfort with this one.


Puffco Peak

The pyramid design always impresses the folks! This is an electrical tool that runs on a battery base and you can pre determine the temperature at which your contents will heat up. It hardly takes 20-30 seconds to heat and release the smoke from the outlet.


Mob Glass FTK

Mob Glass FTK

This is one of the best sellers in the brick and mortar store of Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. It has sleek tubing, a perfect dome to hold the smoke and a sturdy body that makes vaping experience worthwhile. It has a splash guard so you don’t need to worry about accidental spills.



There are several CBD products that Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co makes available for its customers. It goes without saying that you need to be above 21 years of age to either order it online or get it from their brick and mortar store. Either way, you will only get your hands on some of the best products that they have in their store!


Healing Nation Gummies

Healing Nation is a leading brand that sells edible gummies for almost all cases of pain and discomfort. It is because of their immensely popular reputation that Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. have partnered with them.

Healing Nation Gummies

These are full-spectrum, CBD incorporated gummies that are the best in taste and provide relief against several ailments. You just have to name them - be it - anxiety, mood swings, pain or even insomnia. Flavours include - watermelon, peaches, fruity worms and sour punches. You have different doses as well - from 250mg to 2000mg.


Top Shelf - The Mystic Hemp Flower

Top Shelf - The Mystic Hemp Flower

Top Shelf is famous for providing diversity when it comes to choosing the right hemp for your recreational or relaxation preferences. The co-flower, for instance, is made of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid blended together. You can use this for insomnia, recent pain relief and reducing body discomfort.


Smoke CBD

Smoke CBD

If you prefer to smoke your CBD or Cannabidiol, then we would suggest that you go with the pre-rolled hemp that comes in a tightly packed box. They have 20 units in a single box. There are no additional chemicals, pesticidies, or even tobacco that can increase addiction. Clearly, you are in safe hands.

How do you get to Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co.?

The biggest store is definitely in Georgia. However, you can find their outlets near your location as well. You can simply search for ‘Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. near me’ on Google Maps and you will find the pin location easily.

Alternatively, you can ask the customer service team or reach out to Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. through any of these contact routes.


E-mail: info@cloud9smokeco.com

Phone Number - Toll Free - +1 470 579-3168


Social Media Contact Details

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/cloud9smokeco/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cloud9smokeco/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloud9smokeco

This is one of the best brick and Mortar outlets that we have come across to buy quality products related to CBD, Vaping, Smoking and even Hookah! You just have to keep your eyes open, search for what you want, and huuraahh! The customer service team is available from morning 10AM to 7PM, so you can take their help if you deem necessary. Happy shopping!


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