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Are you someone who enjoys delicious fruity candies, with a salty zing? Do you love the perfect hit of nicotine that a salt based nic juice delivers? If you have said yes to both these questions, then the world of Candy King is your forte! Candy King is one of the best vape companies from Drip More, in the industry, with its authentic and bold flavor profiles, as well as its massive collection of E-Juice options! Before we head on to the new delicious flavors Candy King On Salt has to offer, let’s see why salt based nicotine is the new buzz!


What is salt nicotine?


The vape industry is constantly evolving, given the demand for new and improved vamping devices. Just like The revamp in vaping devices from the battery life, to the coil changes, there are quite a few modifications in the ingredients of the e- juice as well! The recent buzz is all about salt nicotine! Don’t mistake this name, for the tasty mineral you sprinkle to make all your delicious food flavorful! Nicotine salt or salt nicotine is a nicotine base which is combined with multiple acids. This process reduces the throat hit even with the highest concentration of nicotine! Nicotine salts are naturally available in tobacco, thus incorporating this with vape juice, gives you a much similar feel with lesser complications.


Regular Nicotine vs Salt Based Nicotine


Nicotine, be it free-based or in liquid form, is extracted from tobacco. During this process the impurities found in the tobacco is removed, leaving a pure form of nicotine. Most of the e-juices in the market use this form of nicotine, and have a higher alkalinity rate with a PH of 7-8. The higher pH means more harshness during inhalation, and with even higher nicotine strength the harshness becomes inevitable. The discovery of nicotine salt has provided a smoother experience by strategically adding specific acid to the free base nicotine. This reduces the pH level, which means lesser irritation even with higher amounts of nicotine salt, without any roughness to the throat while vaping!


Advantages Of Using Nic Salt


We already know the major advantage of using nicotine salt is that it provides a smoother hit and less harsh experience to the throat, while vaping even with higher nicotine concentration. The next major advantage with nicotine salt is the blood absorption rate! Many studies have proven that salt with juice enters the bloodstream a bit faster, making it closer to an actual cigarette. Although this sounds scary, this is a huge advantage to people who are trying to quit smoking, as nicotine salt mimics the effect of the cigarette, without putting you at risk of cancer. So if you are struggling to transition to e-cigarette, you can try out nicotine salts, for a seamless experience!


Vaping Nic Salt


When you use nicotine salt, it is ideal that you understand that the device is used to nicotine salt, might differ depending on the strength you choose. If you are looking to transition from a cigarette, choosing a higher nicotine salt strength like 25MG or 50 MG, while using a low powered vaping device is recommended. If you want tons of flavour and a huge puff of smoke, you can use a lower concentration of nicotine salt juice within 15 MG. Using high-powered devices with higher nicotine strength can overwhelm you with the high concentration, making it a bad experience.


The Top Flavor Bursting Variants Of Candy King On Salt


Candy King On Salt - Batch

Candy King - Batch

Batch brings you a plethora of flavours with a combination of sour and sweet gummy candy. It has the sour taste of sweet lime, lemon, orange and cherry. When you inhale this juice, the sour candy flavours rush across your taste buds, giving you a rollercoaster of flavours. When you exhale, the sweetness of the candy flavour goes away, leaving behind the sour taste on your taste buds leaving you craving for more.


Candy King On Salt - Peachy Rings


If you are a fan of sweet and sour, the peachy wings and salt will be your absolute favourites! The tangy and peach candy flavour, along with the sweet sensation, is a boon for your senses.


Candy King On Salt - Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum


The strawberry watermelon bubblegum flavour, is the perfect blend of freshly baked strawberries, and juicy watermelon with a sensual bubblegum base. When you inhale this juice, the taste of fresh strawberries and watermelon dance across your tastebuds, and when you exhale the flavourful bubblegum taste stays behind on your taste buds.


Candy King On Salt - Lemon Drops


Tingle your taste buds, with the lip lock a ring lemon drop flavour by Candy King on Salt! As you inhale this concoction the sugary and sour lemon candy flavour, rushes across your taste pets, and as you exhale the sweetness of the sugar balances the sourness, giving you the best experience ever!


How To Use Candy King E Juice?


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fill your vape with vape juice!


  • Before you fill the vape tank, make sure that the battery is completely unscrewed. Although there isn’t much danger from saturating your battery, in case it does, your way would need replacement as it would stop working.
  • Every vape tank is built to last for a while, but it is ideal to inspect it before refilling. First remove the top plastic or the rubber ring beneath it, and look for any burn marks on the wicks. If the wicks have any burn marks, replace it immediately.
  • The easiest and fastest way to refill is by dropping the liquid in. Keep the tank at a slight angle, and rip the juice drop by drop in order to prevent the spillage. In most cases your tank will need about 25 to 30 drops.
  • Make sure not to fill above 75% of the tank’s capacity, as you are more likely to waste the juice.
  • Once filled, put on the rubber ring, plastic cap, the battery and secure it tightly.


Where can you buy candy king on salt ice nic? Vape shops near me


You can buy the candy king on salt nic, from online websites as well as offline stores. However, all the online websites require you to show a legal ID, to confirm your age before selling the product to you!






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