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Stix Vape Pen

Have you ever wanted to use a vape pen with a leak-proof design, compatible with e-liquids and essential oil? If that is the case, the Stix vape pen might be the pen you are looking for to satisfy your vaping experience.

In this post, Aldvapor, one of the best manufacturers of Stix vape pens, has compiled this informative guide to enlighten you about this product.

Without further ado, let’s dive in;

What is Stix Vape Pen?

This new vape pen features a single button and comes with high-quality advanced ceramic coils that are essentially used as a heating element in this device.

Similarly, the device's essential oils and the e-liquid match perfectly well. Also, when it comes to the design of this pen, Aldvapor has developed this vape with tight seals enabling the pen to have a leakproof design.

Additionally, the Stix vape pen is among the best pen you can use to quench your vaping thirst awesomely. Like any other expensive vape pen in the vape market, this product seems to compete with them in terms of vaping pleasures.

How Does Stix Vape Pen Work?

This product comes with some salient features that help the pen work without any inconveniences. For instance, not all pens are designed with buttons used to control the entire pen.

However, the Stix vape has power buttons located on the pen's body. Primarily, these buttons are used to turn on and off the pen and help in the temperature adjustment within the vape pen.

On top of that, it features LED indicators which help to indicate the battery status when vaping. Therefore, you'll never encounter an abrupt shut down of the pen whenever you vape.

In addition, every kit is designed with a 320mAh internal battery, base connector, ceramic coil and oil chamber, which couples together to provide an effective vaping procedure.

How to Use Stix Pen Vape

Using a vape pen can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner vaper. And so, if you want to use this product, here are the procedures to take;

  • Remove the device out of the packaging unit.
  • Open the base connector and the plastic base from the oil chamber
  • Reload the oil chamber for up to three quarters to prevent spillage and overflow
  • Fasten the oil cartridge into the vape pen and allow it to fit properly on the pen
  • Press the power buttons three to five times consecutively until the device is on. Similarly, you can adjust the temperature in the device by pressing the power button still thrice to fit your vaping moments.

Nonetheless, sometimes you may be required to press the button rapidly until the device turns on. If this occurs, ensure you press the buttons non-stop so that the pen may respond to your command.


Generally, features make up the product. Active vapers will consider the features the vape pen is characterized with to see if the product will make their vaping experience remarkable.

Therefore, if you're looking to purchase a powerful Stix vape pen from Aldvapor, here are the features to look for;

A micro USB charging port

Most vape products are designed with a micro USB charging port for convenient and easy device charging when it's going low.

Thus, this feature enables active vapers to comfortably carry their pen whenever they go since they can charge it whether at home or in the office.

LeakproofLeakproof Storage

Another important attribute of the Stix vape pen is the leakproof design. Typically, this feature allows users to have a satisfying vaping experience by permitting you to add some juice to your vape when it’s depleted.

Similarly, this durable and sturdy storage allows you to use and put together the vape pen easily.

Ceramic coils

Unlike other vaping products, this product comes with a ceramic coil usually used for heating elements.

Additionally, the coils assure you of perfect and clean vapour. This comes when you need a large amount of vapor when vaping.

Simple Design


The vape also has a simple design that makes it perfectly fit your pocket, purse or on your hand. Also, the compact design the vape product comes with permits comfortable portability and facilitates stealth operations.

LED lights

LED lights primarily help you know your pen's current status when vaping. When your vape is about to turn off, the LED light will signal you by turning red.

So, your battery will never go low when using this pen. You’ll always enjoy fantastic vaping throughout the day.

Product Specifications

  • 3 Heat Settings
  • LeakproofLeakproof Design
  • Ceramic Coil
  • 320mAh Battery
  • Compact and Small


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • It is portable
  • Easy to assemble and connect
  • It comes with LED light to show you're the device's battery status


  • The battery's capacity is not sufficient for the vape pen despite it being small in size.

FAQs about Stix vape pen

How long do Stix pens take to charge?

Usually, the Stix will take roughly two hours to charge.

It is recommended to charge the battery full or 100% before using the device for your vaping activities. Therefore, you'll need a micro USB charger to charge your battery. Though the USB doesn’t come with the device, you must buy it separately.

What do the colours mean on a Stix vape pen?

This pen will indicate different colours when functioning. The following table shows you the different colors and meanings of the vape pen.




lowest heat settings


medium heat setting


highest temperature level


How do I know when my Stix pen is charged?

Using any USB port on the pen, charge your vaping device and monitor the behaviour of the LED lights.

Immediately the light indicators turn off, which signifies that your pen is fully charged and is set for vaping.

Why is my Stix battery blinking four times?

This phenomenon in a vape pen is because the atomizer resistance is much less than 0.1 0.1 ohms. Similarly, another pen might blink more than four times, signifying that the atomizer might also be more than 2.5 ohms.

Therefore, the Stix battery will involuntarily shut down to guard the pen because of the lower resistance.


Stix vape pen is one of the vaping devices that are hard to ignore in the vape market because of the excellent features the product comes with. A pen is a good option for every active user because of its small and compact design, making it perfect for carrying around.

Similarly, the oil storage permits a remarkable and long-lasting vaping experience.




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