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Every vape should have been a product of utmost pleasure to vapers, but we must accept that certain products stand apart from others for their remarkable taste and qualities. Uwell Crown is one of those vapes that leaves a long-lasting impression on its user. Not only in terms of flavors but also an overall sophisticated experience is what the vapers get.

Uwell Crown Pod Kits

We have noticed a general tendency to always compare brands with each other. Each brand comes with its individual quality and style; hence it would be unfair to raise questions like whether some other brands are better or not. Rather, as a vape lover, let us discover more about this vape in detail, from overview to review.

Uwell Crown Pod Kit: An Overview

The very first impression that you will have by holding the vape will be of sophistication. The appearance itself is very attractive and gorgeous, though not too extensively designed to look uncomfortable for the eyes. Since several varieties of Uwell Pod Kits are available in the market, you don’t fall short of options or choices.


As far as convenience and portability are concerned, it should be well accommodated into your pocket. In one word, the design and size are unique, but at the very same time, compact. On the other hand, it doesn’t fail to deliver top-notch flavors and a good battery. Let’s discuss these aspects too in a bit elaborated way.


One would not only like to know the various features of a product but also review the product as per its capability. So that their investment doesn’t go waste. Well, Uwell Crown will not make you upset, and that’s a guarantee. However, without wasting any further needless words, let’s present a detailed review of Uwell Crown.

1.Build Quality

The Crown gadget is made of aluminum alloy, and it seems rather solidly constructed. However, the base of the device is made of plastic, which might be the Crown's weak spot. Unfortunately, this is also where the Micro USB charging connector is located.

Uwell Crown Pod Kits different colors

Uwell's Crown Pod is offered in 4 colors. The addition of a strip of wallpaper with a royal appearance on the front and back gives the grey finish, which seems almost satin in some lighting conditions.


The pods come out quite easily, which is also a small flaw because it's easier to flick the pods out without using much power. The pods are tinted plastic, which can make it challenging to assess your e-liquid level.


The Uwell Crown pod kit's hidden weapon has to be the airflow control slider on the side of each pod, while the top mouthpiece is comfortable to use. Because it has a similar battery capacity to other pod-mod type devices as well as additional possibilities due to the airflow adjustment, the Uwell Crown pod kit makes a great beginner kit.


The efficiency of the coils determines a large portion of the atomizer tank's quality, and with the Uwell Crown, there is virtually nothing to worry about in this regard. All of the coils are vertical, and a substantial wad of Japanese organic cotton is used to wrap them. The dual-coil designs only make things even better. All of the coils' wicking ports are more than large enough to accommodate e-juices with a higher VG content. Wicking performed well during the exam.


The kit's bundled 0.25-ohm coil provides great performance. The vapor production is excellent, and the flavor is crisp and lively. The scenario is much the same with the 0.5-ohm coil. Your e-liquid produces a lot of vapor and has excellent flavor. The main distinction is the highest wattage you can vape without discomfort. Considering everything, the Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank's supplied coils deliver exceptional performance.


One of the strongest, most concentrated bursts of taste that people frequently like is The Crown. Both of the provided coil pods (0.6 and 1.0 ohms, respectively) had excellent life, sustaining a strong taste long after most pod systems give out. The flavor is a present that goes on giving.


The Crown Pod has a 1250mah battery inside, which is a suitable size for a pod. To give you a rough idea, let’s say you are a moderate vaper. Then based on your use, it should have been more than enough to last you a full day of vaping. While the battery is still relatively new, you should be able to last a whole day without charging if you vape frequently, especially when the battery ultimately decreases.


However, only one drawback can be pointed out. The coils at the top of the battery cannot be replaced, and the magnet isn't very strong. But overall, the battery performance is quite satisfactory. If you are an experienced vaper and have tried many vapes before, you will easily understand that the battery of Uwell Crown Pod Kits is better compared to other vapes.


The Crown pods are very simple to use; all that is required is that you remove the mouthpiece to show one filling hole and a tiny air hole that lets the air out while you fill the pod. Using the slider on the side of the pod makes it surprisingly simple and effective to change the airflow. Put the pod into the machine, which has strong magnets and can be inserted either way, and click the mouthpiece back on. 0.6 is 18–25 watts, and 1.0 is 10-15 watts; the gadget automatically adjusts the wattage dependent on the resistance and battery level.


Hence, if you are a beginner, it is a perfect choice for you, while advanced vapers may try it to experience the flavors that it offers.

Why Choose Uwell Crown Pod?


Well, there must be a lot of reasons, but the most significant one is perhaps the excellent quality of these products. Uwell vapes keep improving and upgrading their every new vape. Let’s see why one should choose Uwell.


With the Uwell Crown, removing the top cover to reveal the top fill holes is significantly simpler. With only one twist, you're ready to fill the tank since the top cap is broad enough to provide a secure grasp.

2.Using A Lock Screw

This is a significant upgrade from the previous Crown products. If you have a Crown 1, you are aware of how frequently the complete tank may fall apart while you unscrew the base or the top. But due to the use of the lock screw, it cannot come apart anymore.

3.Broad Bore Drip Tip:

The drip tip is detachable; it's only that it's fastened so tightly. At first glance, you could assume that it is a permanent component of the top cap.

4.The Head of The Bullet Coil

The bottom cone-shaped connector not only provides better airflow but also ensures a positive connection. You can figure it out if you see the small holes in the cone.

Best Alternatives To Uwell Crown Pod Kit


Do not worry if you are not getting a Uwell Crown in your local stores or even online platforms. Some similar products or alternatives are no less enjoyable. Though Uwell Crown has its qualities, these alternatives would also do well.


1.COSIMA Classic Closed Pod Vape


The ALD COSIMA Pod has been selling well ever since it was introduced because of its low cost. This vape pen has a simple local refilling method that makes using and refilling it easier. The ALD COSIMA Pod is offered in five magnificent color options: Cyan Black, Red, Blue Purple, Black, and Grey.


2. XPLLO Pod Vape Vaporizer

Reading the parameters will reveal that it is a more advanced pod vape than the typical 350mAh draw-activated starter kit. Additionally, it has a higher vaping performance due to its maximum 15W output compared to typical 7.5W starter kits.

3. SMOK Nord 2

The Nord 2 preserves its single firing button and straightforward style, but it has been enhanced with a 0.69" OLED screen that shows the voltage setting, variable wattage setting, Ohm reading, and battery life. With the added power increase and larger capacity, you get a rich, smooth, and highly adjustable vape that is difficult to match.


To conclude, you may like the alternatives available, but it might be a regret later to disregard the Uwell Pod Kits. Vapers certainly have their own choices and preferences. Yet, every vaper likes to taste numerous renowned brands and flavors, and Uwell is one of the best among them. These devices are compact, easy to use, quickly rechargeable, full of splendid flavors, and hardy.


You can find several other similar devices on the ALD Vapor website as well. We have been selling vapes for decades now and we know who requires what. Your one-stop vaping solution can be us. If you are looking for any kind of assistance related to vapes, you can contact us anytime possible.

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